A Brief Time In The Sun

Sometimes, we feel a lack of purpose.  We can feel ill at ease, lonely, or even angry at the world, just for being there.

We realize that this way of life is not natural.  It feels heavy and painful to the touch.  We want to change it, but we are often too lazy or confused as to where to even begin the journey back?

When we feel this way, friends, vocation, love, music, warmer weather, pets, even patterns of light can lift our spirits up where we can once again feel whole and meaningful.

We will all experience these ups and downs.  Know that we may be by ourselves, but we are never really alone.  Know that we are always on the roller coaster of life.  No one is ever overlooked or spared both the high hills, the awesome thrills and the low dips that can spoil these daily trips.

Life is so short.  So very short.  Life is frighteningly fast.  Deceptively fast.  It is up to us to slow life down and wrestle down life's purpose.  Purpose will never come from outside ourselves for very long.  Outside purposes are fleeting and they will betray us.  When the light of self-love comes from the inside out, purpose is re-chargeable and will carry us through the thick and thin shadows of yesterday and tomorrow.

Until our next ride, we will remain steadfast in the moment - whether good or bad - satisfied and always grateful that at least we had a brief - albeit sometimes scorching - time in the sun.


Becca R.
Being grateful is everything IMO. Great article.
Awesome philosophy. Deceptively fast, so true.
Please write a book, Sensei!

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