Do you ever get sick of it?

People have asked me if I ever get sick of music? The answer is "Yes". After working on an album for thousands of hours and many months, it is natural to want a break. You grow tired of the songs and the whole recording process. Especially when you do it all yourself. It is like eating turkey leftovers for a whole week after Thanksgiving. You get nauseous of it all. The light in the studio stays off for days on end. The guitars and keyboards rest, patiently. But sure enough - after a month or two off - your ears become almost too rested...too quiet. Melodies start to play around in your head again. Even short jingles on TV commercials can inspire. That urge to dust off the recorder and instruments does (thankfully) begin to creep back in. Their beckoning call reaches me, and I hear it. I do not know where this desire to create music comes from. All I know is that it is there, and I allow it to naturally come to fruition. I am very happy and fulfilled when it does come back. In a universe with clearly no apparent purpose, music gives me purpose. It will surely outlive me, and bring joy to those I will never meet. It heals me of any wounds or self-doubts. It makes me feel young when my bones tell me otherwise. I am not at all religious, but music connects me to the numinous and the transcendent. It gives me life and joy.

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