Knowing Nothing in Everything by Todd Norcross June, 2104

Below is the one quote that I keep in mind as a weapon whenever I try and claim absolute knowledge about anything. After all, knowledge must be demonstrable. It must be objective to all witnessing it. Otherwise, it is just merely belief. And most beliefs can be very weak when shone in the light of education. What you believe to be true today will most certainly change with time, as it did before. Every decade, old beliefs will be shattered with more new evidence and experience. It is hard to color gray hair with a young man's creed. Embrace this change. Fight nothing in this process of growth, except the tendency to hold firm to that which has made you comfortable or makes you "feel good". Remember: The first sign of wisdom is knowing how really little we know. Or is this too...questionable? β€œIn all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” ― Sir Bertrand Russell


"It is hard to color gray hair with a young man's creed." Brilliant, Todd Norcross.
You simple MUST write a book, Todd!

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