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Martial Arts Quotes: "Be very circumspect of teachers who don't occasionally say "I don't know." "Rank matters not. Can he or she laugh off a broken bone or put others in the spotlight instead of himself or herself? Now, that is true rank!" "Most of the martial arts I see is simply smoke and mirrors. Even in my own arts, there are people who wouldn't last a minute in a real confrontation. Yet, they get "advanced" ranking. Their delusion is unknowingly fueled by ego, power and teachers who are afraid to say "You are not ready yet." Philosophical Quotes: "There are very few that actually move their feet after they move their mouth." "Bad days are nevertheless days. If there is one thing I know, it is how astounding the odds are that we are even alive for a single breath in cosmic time. Don't ever wish for time to speed up or days to be over soon, it insults the dead." "I actually had a man tell me with a straight face that the earth was less than six thousand years old. He stated that "there are gaps in the fossil record", and that was his proof for his beliefs. I said back to him, in the most benign voice that I could, "Clearly sir, there are many gaps in your science education." "You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it. Excuses don't bode well for earned happiness." "I believe that skepticism held in the left hand and reason in the right is the only way to hold on to truth."


Love these Ryotoshi!
I hope you finish this soon. Would love to have it in book form.
Beautiful and though-provoking quotes.

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