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Taiken 3 by Todd Norcross

Todd Ryotoshi Norcross: Taiken III
Taiken III by Todd Ryotoshi Norcross © Copyright - Todd Norcross / Cowtown Music (609456352123) Taiken 3 is the third and last installment in the Japanese World music genre. Twenty inspiring rhythm instrumentals to train, workout or meditate to. Complete your collection in this highly acclaimed unique series. Genre: World: Japanese contemporary Release Date: 2011 buy 1. The Drums of War 3:13 2. Kyoto Nights 3:36 3. The Untouchable Old Man 2:48 4. Island Adventure 3:34 5. The Dark Lord 3:12 6. Samurai Taiko 4:00 7. Rocking with Gods 3:51 8. Celtic Shamisen 3:13 9. Percussioso 3:15 10. The Search for Her 3:29 11. Rally the Troops 3:28 12. Challenge at the Old Bridge 4:12 13. Puppet Dance 3:07 14. Encounter with Smaug 4:44 15. Temple Sanctuary 2:54 16. Flutes of Endurance 3:22 17. This is Budo 4:12 18. Death by Shinobi 4:10 19. The Demise of Smaug 3:21 20. A Good Life 2:28 ABOUT THIS ALBUM Album Notes Master "Ryotoshi" Norcross has been recording music since 1993. He has written over 600 original songs and produced 31 albums to date. The "Taiken" series was inspired by Sensei Norcross out of a frustration that there was little or no martial arts training music out there. This CD is perfect for anything from exercising to cleaning the house. Reviews Log in to write a review Mike-Lebanon Best one yet IMO! "I bought Master Norcross' CD and this one is amazing! Impossible to pick a favorite song off Taiken 3. I have one on my car and it inspires me and improves my mood daily. I also train to the beats for strength and inspiration."