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Awesome rendition. Will be downloading this. Available when??
Hi Todd, I am a new fan and I play guitar but not as good as you. I have been trying to copy and play along with your solos. they are challenging. I have a cheap knockoff of a fender american strat. It is a sunburst. Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to get better. Justin
i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor
You do Elton proud, Todd. Love this cover of your song!!
Wow. Nice music and art. Gonna listen more after work tonight.
New fan from Toronto.
Cant wait to hear your versions of new songs, Todd. Keep up the inspiring work. Tama
hi :) bross :)
looking forward to a new album by you!! hugs from spain
Are you single?? Where are the men like you??
Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!
Did the acrylic painting already sell? I can't find it on Ebay. Can you please send link for bidding on it? Thx - Corbin
How many guitars do you use for your songs? Do you prefer acousitc, electric or Bass guitar? I enjoy your tunes.
I was in Japan ten years ago but never saw Mt. Fuji when we were there. Your painting of it is very good. Would be great in a home or pro dojo.
Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia
New fan in Massachusetts.
Hi Sensei Norcross, Where can I find Taiken III? I have all of the others, but this one eludes my grasp. LOL
New fan from Argentina. I love your music and art.
I WANT that lighthouse painting OMG! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you paint a tropical island scene please? I would consider buying one. Thx!
Can't wait for new album, Todd!
Taylor LOVES Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Man your guitar playing is incredible. Great solos man!!
Hi Todd, I really loved the color combinations in "Last Light". You have inspired me to order my own Bob Ross Master kit to begin my own painting journey. Thank you for that. I love your channels. Jocelyn (Joss) Johnson
You have many cards up your sleeve, Master N. Ninja, Musician, Producer, Artist, Writer, Songwriter. What else?? My hat is off to you. Sean Prescott - Artist/Guitarist
Let me tell ya man, Bob Ross aint got nothin on you. You r talented!
Driving to Her is my new favorite song. Did you ever consider putting lyrics to it? I think it would be a hit!? Lahra
Brotherhood of the Moon is an awesome CD sir. I listen to it when I am doing college homework and it relazes me. Will there be another like it soon?
Hello. And Bye.
Hi Todd, How do I get your Bob Ross tutorials on DVD for my studio? Please advise.
Hi, DId you draw the name for the painting contest yet? I entered a few weeks ago. Love your videos and music. Thank you!
Ha. Sofia. He is a free man to choose his queen.
Uh, he's mine beatch! ; )
U Single??
I would like to purchase Hobbit Falls painting. I will private email you with offer. Plz check inbox today. - Ajan
Wow! Sooo much content here.
Diggin your music man
Jasmine, A new painting by Mr.Norcross was just uploaded on his You Tube channel. It is also mirrored on the front page.
Any new paintings on the horizon? I love watching your tutorials and your voice is very calming.
What r u playin in the video?
Lineage and Lore: methinks it is Irish by nature? Very nice.
Sipping tea watching you paint = Love!!!
Love yer stuff handsome!!
I just downloaded Wonderland my favorites are Last Kiss, Dont Walk, Beautiful Day and I'm Gone. Love this whole album.
How much to ship paintings to the UK?
I am attracted to 80s music even though I am 22. LOL
The one I wanted was sold. Fuck!!
Just bid on a painting on Ebay that you did. Hope I win!!?
Todd, I have been going through some depression the last year. Your paintings on youtube have really helped me get through it. I wanted to say that I am really thankful for your painting for us. Brooklyn
Beautiful! What paints do you use? I would like to get started. You inspire me. Allison
I want to paint like you.
Are you single? <3 <3 <3 <3 XXOO
Hi Todd. Do you teach painting classes in Cincinnati? Me and my girlfriends would love to attend! I will email, privately.
Did you ever take lessons with Bob Ross? You are amazing!
Your voice is so soothing and sexy. ; )
Will there be a new album out on 2019?
How can I get one of your paintings?
I loved Bob Ross. You are the new Bob Ross, Todd. Never stop sharing your talents with us. The world needs more people like you in it. I have MS, and would do anything to be able to paint. But watching you paint, I feel as if I too am painting with you. Thank you for that.
My name is Alicia. I am a big fan of you since 2005. Can I order and autograph please? I will email.
Hi Todd, Do you ever sell your guitars? I am a lefty from Baltimore and would like to buy your strat I saw in a video, PM if interested? Thx. Don
I hop it is okay to use your music on Twitch? What if we give you credit? Plz.
I like the seascape one myself. I live in California. Wildfires are everywhere. Scary!
I am bidding on this painting. So cool that I can see it in a video. Kudos!
beautiful man!!!!!
1 Talented dude
How do I to become a Ninja Master??
Stunning paintings. Bob Ross would be proud!
Hi Todd, I am interested in buying your Smaug's Mountain painting. I will email. Thx Al
This guy is the Bob Ross of Martial Arts
I love your art. Please keep vids coming.
Listening to Todd Norcross music while listening to Todd Norcross Painting ASMR heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? OMG
Dear Mr. Norcross, Can you paint a seascape please? I love your work! Marla
Mr. Norcross, I am live in Japan. I love you. Thank you. - AKiko
Do you tour anywhere on the west coast?
New fan. Good stuff dude.
Pans Choir is so beautiful. Makes me think of Ireland. More, please.
Bon Travail!
Hi Todd, Don't know if you read these, but I am a big fan of your work. I am from Spain. Blessings to you Todd. Sebastian
I am saving up money to buy your mountain lake painting for my father for christmas. Yes!
I am saving up money to buy your mountain lake painting for my father for christmas. Yes!
Todd, throughout the years - your compassion and talent has been boundless. God's Blessings to you!
Super Todd Norcross fan. Can't wait for the new album
Can you paint a storm scene, like in The Hobbit?
Todd, your paintings and music are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Dara
Does he sell the art? I want one.
Love the paintings!
No. I want it RBG. Will Pay $2k for it. Beat that!?
Todd, I am interested in purchasing your painting Fields and Fences. Emailed you my contact info. Roger
I fell asleep to mountain lake. I just fell upon your site. Now a fan.
Gorgeous painting. Love your passion and soothing voice. When is the next episode coming out? Can you paint portraits too?
Wasted on the Way is one of my all time favorite songs. You did it justice my friend! Alex
Ha, Becka. LOLOL
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am from Netherlands. I am fan here. Good to know you.
Olvgrdn. Get a life.
RU Married? email me
I love your music. Thanks for sharing
Official Fifth Mama and Papa...Todd Norcross. ; )
California Dreaming. Great choice for a cover, Todd. Sounds awesome! How long does it typically take you to make this type of recording?
Are the new songs going to be on a new album soon?
Where can I find The Ancoent Woods digital?
Where can I download this song???
When did you get started in guitar? I like your style. I play a gibson knockoff. What pedals do you use?
Hey Todd, You Dont know me but I am a huge fan since 2001 and Taiken. You are awesome. You never stop aking new and evolving music. Thank you for all you do to brighten this crazy world.
Your covers are really well done. Thanks for the music. TTYL
John Denver cover was amazing Todd.
How did you learn to play the guitar as a kid? Did you take lessons?
Purchased Ancestor off of Ebay. Fantastic for relaxing after kids go to school.
Hi Todd, Big fan of your stuff both in music and in Karate you do on youtube. DO you ever come out the the West Coast? Would like to meet you.
Wow. I love the power in Monk's Journey, especially the crescendo at the end. Gave me goosebumps. : )
How do I get a copy of Brotherhood of the Moon? I heard it in Montreal radio. THank you!
Monk Journey is inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!
I am left handed to. We are smarter than the right. lol
Found this web site by accident. Cool music!
I love Never My Love. Beautiful voice and rendition. Thanks for sharing.
Hello. I'm Jeff
Do you do private lessons? Email me. ; )
WHen r u plyin next!?
On with the Show is Lindsey's best song on the new album. You did it well here.
Never My Love is gorgeous!! They don't make them like this anymore - i.e. harmonies.
Just found Taiken III in our music store here in Miami for $5. Awesome!
I am a fan of your music, Mr. Norcross. Thank you very much so much for sharing your talents with us. Shakti - India
Me too! <3 <3 <3
No concerts!?? Ugh. Would die for that.
Allie, he doesn't perform live.
Do you have any concert DVD's Todd??
Wolf Moon is really cool.
How many guitars do you have? I have three. Fender knock off, hofner bass and a rogue. Wish I could afford a strat.
I am lovin your new tunes. Rock on!
Cool web site. Lots of very different types of music. Do you ever tour?
Handsome dude
I love "If". Such a beautiful song. SO happy you remade it for the next generation.
Wow! I love "If". Where can we download?
If and Sounds of Silence = slayed by T.N. ; )
OMG Todd I LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Might be same chords as OTR, Jacklyn? Does sound simlilar. Guitar chords sound somewhat difficult to play?
I love your new song. It sounds so much like "Over the Rainbow"??
Beautiful songs, Todd. Big fan since 2005.
When will a new CD be available Todd?
Who is the hot blonde??
Holy shit.. 5th degree Need to get to your dojo and train with you.
Mr. Norcross. Congratulations on earning your 5th Dan. What was the sword test like?
Sounds of Silence dude. Epic!!
Bless you Todd. Your music is so soothing and heart felt. I listen to Brotherhood of the Moon and Ancestor when I am down and the music lifts me up. Continued success to you and your family from Grand Rapids. - Beth
Awesome jo staff video master norcross. I will one day train under you?
Hi Mr. Norcross, Will you ever come to Denmark for concert? Denmark is great country.
I love your voice and guitar playing. Big fan. XXOO
Awesome jo staff video master norcross. I will one day train under you?
Ha. Merk. He was with grlfrd for long time. They broke up. He might be sngle??
He is married to his music. ; )
Jen, you sound trashy.
U married?? I have two kids, but am a good catch. <3 <3
Simon wrote SOS when he was 21. Not about JFK. He wrote it in his bathroom..
Sounds of silence was about JFK I heard.
Crying. So beautifully sang.
Not often we get to see you sing. You are very talented and real, unlike the shit we hear from fakes who can't play anything without auto-tune. Music world needs this more. Scott Reynolds - CA
Becc, don't know of any sheet music for his songs? Hugs::
Is there sheet music for the Dark Harp? I play harp and would love that song so I can play it for my school recital. Please help?
How can get hold of the "Stresscow live album recording???
Thank you for your music. Mary.
You are sexy AF! <3 <3 <3
When will a new cd be out??? Love your style of music.
Ha. Christianroad. Todd funny.
Tara, He is not going to answer that silly question. LOL Obviously, he can't speak about it or he would have to kill you...
What was it like bodyguarding for his holiness??
I ordered your Sword Kihon book from your dojo. Can't wait to be a long distance student. IMO your sword style is no nonsense. WBIT - Mike Orlando
Brotherhood of the Moon is fucking awesome man - track to track straight up!
Great songs. Go on AGT!!!!
What drum kit do you use??
Can you order your Ninja Martial Arts DVD's here??
Loving the music, Todd!!
Covers are probably more fun for him to create? As a musician, we are our own worst critic. When we do a cover, we can have fun and enjoy it detached from our own bias. IMO - Max
Nonsense. No matter what Todd does, it tends to be beautiful - cover or originals?
I love the new covers, but prefer originals. When will some of Todd's originals be released?
How do I get a hold of "Orchestral Pieces'? CD
On With The Show is brilliant. Truly amazing.
Check out "My Love". Goosebumps>>>>>
Wow! Your version is better than Chris Isaak's. Nice Job!
Hi Todd, I am a huge fan. Just wanted to say "hi!" <3 <3 <3
Do you play taiko drums live?
Lineage and Lore is the best album, so far...just my opinion. All are great though!
Graduation Day is a great song. Nice voice and lead guitar. Kudos!
RU Married!!?
Hey Todd, I am a big fan. Nice site dude
He has a ninja school in Cinci. www.thedojoinc.com
Christina, I dont think he tours? He teaches in Ohio.
Do you ever go on tour in Michigan?
Todd, where can I get these songs online?
I love your voice. Very soothing and sexy.
Todd, How many instruments do you play dude?
I am using Drawing Steel as backround music for my D&D game. Its perfect.
Me too... ; ) Hot.
Where r my fave songs on CD? Help Todd.. ; )
Your voice makes me so wet.
Hey man, great site. I am a singer/songwriter. You inspire me to be better. Want to be on AGT. Heres hoping..?
Todd, Wonderland is absolutely a beautiful album. I loved every song. Will u tour in the future??
Where have u been all my life?? <3 <3 XXOO
The Bee Gess are great. I miss Robin and Maurice. Such nice tribute Todd.
I bought the new CD. I like tracks 1, 3, 5, and 10 best. Great solo at the end that builds and then fades. perfect.
Hey Todd, Did you pick up Lindsey and Christine's new CD? It is awesome!!!
Thank you, Master Norcross, for inspiring with all of your Ninpo teachings and wisdom. Osu!
Sexy voice.
Do you play all the drums on your songs too?
I luv your music!!!! ; )
The Donald loves Todd and asks for his support in the big house.
Your voice is awesome as Chris Isaak. Love this version.
Great content. Great talent.
Hi Todd, I hope you read these? I am a new fan. Found you on amazon. I love rock and your music is really good. Blessings and love, Sherelle - NM
Nice site dude
Just wanted to say you are very talented, Todd. Thanks!
Ninja Shihan Norcross, I watch your Youtube channel all the time. You are a inspiration to me and my family. Domo Master Norcross!
Thank you for teaching in Indiana. You are a Master Martial Arts Sensei, and I am fortunate to train under you. Ganbatte!
When will your next album drop?
Amazing music. I play piano in Oklahoma City. Your music inspires me. Thank you.
Great new song,Todd! Such a talent!
I love this site. Very peaceful for me.
Your Harmonies kick ass!
After watching your you tube videos, I can honestly say that you are probably the best martial arts teacher out there. That says a lot. I have been in Martial Arts for thirty years. You explain things with passion, intensity and humor. That is very rare, my friend. I sincerely hope your students know just how fortunate that they are to have you instructing them there in Ohio. Keep putting out videos. Great job!
DUde. Nice vocals and guitar work. I suk at guitar but do try. Hendrix is da man.
Wow! Talented you are Todd. Ninja musician is a cool mix.
Great music there.
Todd, Not sure if you read these, but your music brought me out of a low place. You are a gift from God. Thank you for all you give to your fans.
WHen will DVD be done. Will it be on amazon or ebay??
What strings do you use on yer ax??
I love the Bee Gees! Perfect!
Great voice!
I always love this song - LOTB. You did an amazing job on this.
Amazing, beautiful songs.
OMG Your voice is so sexy
LOVE the new song Todd!!!
Great job, Sensei Norcross. Can't wait to pick this up. Amazon??
Fantastic news! Congratulations. When will DVD be available for purchase?
I love your teachings. The Buddha and God are both in you Sensei Norcross.
Master Norcross, Where will the new DVD be for sale??
Wow! Can't wait for the DVD, Ryotoshi!
Happy Valentine's Day Todd. XXOO
RU Single!?? Hot!
Happy Valentine's Day, Todd. Enjoying "My Love" and "Jolene" here in South Carolina.
Never met you, but love you just the same. Happy V Day Todd!
I agree, TOY is sooooo gorgeous.
Thinking of You is so perfect! Thanks for sharing.
Can we get Taiken 1-4 all together somewhere? Discounted download for all 4 cd's?
When will the DVD on Happiness be out?
Amazed at your talent!
Will there be DVD in Bluray for Meditation, Master Norcross?
Love your talents, Todd. I am excited for the DVD to come out. Take care.
Great web site, Todd!
I loved Taiken 2 the best, folloed by T4. The others have a few good tunes on them.
Hello! How do I find your album "Denver Taiko"
Whoever she is, she is one lucky girl. Amazing song.
Wow, I love the new song.
Thinking of you is so beautiful. Thank you for your talents, Todd.
I MUST have this song!!!!!!!! Where do I buy it, download???
Hello. And Bye.
Happy 2017 Todd!!!!
Happy New Year, Master Norcross!
May your 2017 be filled with music and joy. Blessings.
Happy New Year!
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year, Todd.
Any new Todd Norcross CD's coming n 2017?
Wishing you holidays of joy Todd
Merry Xmas, Master Ryotoshi! Eric
We play Taiken 4 while training and sparring. It is a great cd. Aaron Wilson
Agreed, Jinx - love him to sing to me anytime!
nuthin better than hunk of a man in blue...
What keyboards are you using Todd? Would like to sample them or find out more.
Gorgeous music. Wow!!
Dear Master Ryotoshi, I am 16 years old. I am from California. I am going to try and apply for UC so that I can train at your dojo as I go to college. I hope I get in. I hope to earn my blackbelt under your dojo in the next 6 years. Thast is my goal. Thank you Master!
Agreed Ninjutsu, I thought this was the best of the collection. More modern and cleaner recording.
Taiken 4 is amazing!
"Jolene" brought me here. I love that song. Exploring your other songs brings joy. Blessings from Texas!
Do you have Mac or PC for music production?
Your music and web site is fantastic!
Hi Todd, When will next album be ready? I play Carvin guitars and drums and like your style.
Is Brotherhood available for download or just cd??
Looking forward to your dvd master norcross. peace!
You are just too dang cute for words! ;)
DOmo Arigatou Master Ryotoshi for all you do. Ganbatte.
I Heard the song "Don't Walk When You Can Run" on my radio station in Phoenix University hall. Very cool!
I am trying to save cash to move to cincinati to train at your dojo. Working hard to get to my goal.
Thanks very handy. Will certainly share site with my good friends. my weblog; reviews (more here at http://mrshendersonthemovie.com)
Respect to you Master Ryotoshi. Your You Tube Budo videos are the best out there. Domo!
I think Numinosity is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard in my life! Amazing talent, Todd.
Gasp! Luv!!
G# cord there? Nice.
Tour Canada!
Excellent web site. Definitely downloading this weekend when I have time off.
Really beautiful music!
Will you ever go on tour in UK?
The Dark Harp sounds like Fairy Tale or WB music. Very cool.
I love the new album Todd!
Good to see a southpaw getting some recognition. Peace!
the essential TN is great! Thank you Todd!
Found Todd on Youtube https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0LEVvKC8ZhXoD8APp4nnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=You+Tube+Todd+Norcross&fr=yhs-mozilla-004&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-004
Picked up "Essential" today. Really enjoying it in sunny California - if it doesn't melt in the is heatwave and fires!
Dont see too many southpaws nowadays.
Thank you for the review, Arnaud.
Lineage and Lore sounds Celtic. Great!
Excellent music! I hope to include some of these tracks into my next martial arts DVDs (once I get permission). The many Japanese instruments including taiko, shamisen, koto harp, classical guitar, and others, can be used as a nice "asian backgroung" music for my next videos. Thank you Todd for such a professional work. AJC
...um, most are digidew. ; )
Hey, all men aren;t bad SJW Wannabe!!
Question for Todd: "How did you get the effect on "Echoes"? Sounds really cool.
Why can't my husband sing to me like Todd does!? My guy barely looks at me.
I think Taiken 2 is my favorite album? Followed by BTM and The Essential Todd Norcross. Least favorite is Taiken 1.
Digging Echoes right now. Digital delay pedal maybe on the guitar? Cool effect. I have a good setup myself. Reverb, Fuzxbox and Boss delay pedals.
The Essential is fantastic! Kudos!
Awesome album from start to finish!
Todd, is there any sheet music for "guitars"? I would love to try and learn to play it. Thx.
Great CD, Master Todd! See you at training!
What kind of acoustic is that? I have a fender.
Love you!!!! Todd.
"Mine, After Hers" is exquisitely composed and executed!
Ordered the cd, thanks!
Ugh, no!
Ha. Men like that don't stay single Brooke.
R U Married!??
Beautiful! ; )
You can watch Master Norcross at his dojos channel on you tube. It is amazing!
Rhodes is right. CDBaby does WAV files.
Chris, downloads are WAV files and good quality, unlike compressed MP3's. I bought the album yesterday and the files sound great.
Will CD's be ready soon? Don't like MP3 formats. Thx
Downloaded mine today!
Got it!
The Essential can be download now here! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/toddnorcross24
Read the front page Dan. Coming this month to CDbaby and amazon.
When will the physical CDs be available Todd people?
Love the pics! Sweet!
I will be picking up the cd when I get paid next week. Promise.
Downloaded new album to my ipod. Listening now. Amazing!
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Please include "Birds on a grave" on the compilation. It is my favourite.
Yeah! When is the new album coming out!???
Todd, I sincerely think that your version of "We The People" is better than the original. Great vocals!
WHen should the essential Todd Norcross be online???
The master sings again to his fans. Nice.
I love that cover. Where was it taken?
Fucking great tune dude.
We Are The People? How do I get this on download on my Ipad?
I love your new video!
Awesome rendition of We Are. Sounds great!!!!
Looking forward to your new album Todd. How many songs will be on it??
Cool CD. Take my money Todd.
I love the new album photo. I Can't Wait!
Sexy Cover!
I would have to say the top instrumentals are from his BTM CD and Ancestor. His later work is more stringy (Word) whereas the older instrumentals rely more on acoustic guitars.
Fender Guitars rock!
Why do they have to be instrumentals!? I prefer Todd's singing over any instrument. ; )
I love Guitars! Fingerpicking Mastery!!!!
Todd, I follow you here and on your martial arts you tube channel. You really need to start a podcast or write a book? We need more of your great teaching.
Dance of the druids and brotherhood of the moon would be my faves.
Judges: Must include songs from Ancestor album: Ancestor & One Day on Earth. Thank you. Kara
Can't wait for the new CD!
Kyle I would vote for Bernie Sanders and Guitars by Todd Norcross. FTW
Todd, please include "Dragons" and "The Dark Harp" from BTM. Thx
Please include "Storms". Awesomr!
Hi Toss, I was moved by Laying Her to Rest, which reminded me of my husband that I lost in 2005. It is such a beautiful song. God Bless You.
Game of Gnomes, Echoes, Seasons and Years, Guitars, Dark Ages, Echo of the Owl, Midlife Crisis are my my pics for the best. Thx
I was first attracted to the song Guitars so that should be on the cd.
Dance of the Druids and Merlin Part II sound like music from The Hobbit. Consdr those FTW...Zac
'Laying Her to Rest" is so beautiful. Please consider it on the collection?
Top Todd Norcross Songs: Numinosity The Dark Harp Dark Ages Echo of the Owl
Guitars must be on the greatest CD.
My pick has to be "Rise of the Son". That one is so uplifting like a religious experience. I also loved "Driving to Her".
Definitely add these to the greatest hits album: Guitars Storms Watership Dawn Merlins Time 2 Echoes Brotherhood of the Moon
Lindsey is an underrated guitarist IMO. You are too Todd. The solos on your records are outstanding!!!
Keep looking towards the sun, my friend! Awesome photo!
Happy Belated, Todd. I just got out The Jey of Life to listen to in my Mercedes Bose system.
Hey, Happy Birthday Todd. Listening to BTM in your honor tonight - beer in hand...
Happy Birthday Master Norcross. Thanks for all you do.
Todd, Enjoy your special day.
Happy birthday Lindsey Buckingham Jr.
Happy Birthday Master!
Happy Birthday, Todd!
Happy Birthday, Master Norcross! I hope to train under you one day.
How can we get a hold of the live Stresscow album??
So handsome. So, so far away.....
SO many albums to choose from. Argh! ; (
Hi. Do you have any new CD's coming out soon??
New fan! Lover your music, Todd. Thanks for sharing.
Taiken 4 rocks dude!
Todd=God with an extra "D".
Just bought Taiken 1-4. I will give review later.
Welcome is an awesome gem of a find!
Wow! Did not know you had so many albums. Amazing!!
____________________________________________________________________________________ "It is safe to say that this man is surely a genius of music." - Jonathan Greene "...Lineage and Lore is Norcross' most consistently relaxing album since BTM. It flows from start to finish." - Alan Forbes Song Review by Kellie O'Neil Music Reviewer Song: Track 1 - Merlin Part II Rating: 4 Stars! "Composer, guitarist and martial arts scholar Todd Norcross accurately captures the bucolic urgency of Celtic music in this dual flute and acoustic string melody, the listener is easily transported to a green country far away. The keyboard sounds blend together nicely and the stacked counter-melodies complement each other well. True to form of the genre, each musical idea is packaged up neatly before a new thought enters with the song concluding with a lush variation of the original statement. “Merlin Part II” is a delightful sampling from Norcross’ latest album. And if the same care was placed in the remainder of the album, than it is surely to enchant fans of ancient musical folklore." ____________________________________________________________________________________
Some new Todd Norcross fans: Kaoru Wakatsuki from Tokyo, Japan just became a fan after hearing Todd Norcross on the radio. Paolo Moraes Is now a fan after hearing the song "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the radio in Brazil. Ivette Martinez from Garza Garcia, Mexico is now a fan of Todd Norcross. Omriroichman from Israel just became a fan of Todd Norcross. Rseat13 from Shanghai, China just became a fan of Todd Norcross. ____________________________________________________________________________________ "Can't wait for T4!" - Dan "I cannot wait for Taiken 4 to come out!" Orlando Viega - Miami, FL "Can't wait for Mr. Norcross to teach in Indianapolis this weekend!!" "The Taiken series is amazing! I am excited about part IV." "This winter has been the worst, except for Todd's ray of light creations." "Is he touring with this release?" "Master Norcross, We are looking forward to hearing your new (Taiken 4) creation in March." - Ryukyu Kempo Academy - California.
Miyuki, from Tokyo comments: "Out of beautiful face, comes beautiful song." Mark Miller writes: "Thanks for uploading these. Never realized how many songs he has in his library." Allie, from Texas comments: "Wow. Days and days of endless Todd Norcross videos. This is epic!" I just bought four of your cd's. Found your songs on Iheart. Cannot wait to hear them. - Christine Holt - Oregon New videos are great. Keep em comin. - TJLooker Congratulations, Todd! Alex - Grand Rapids Congrats on a fine achievement. - Lars 10k is a lot of CD's. - Richie Greer Todd, you is the man. - Margo Congratulations!!! - Yvette W. ____________________________________________________________________________________
"I got my hand signed copy today!! Adding it to my TN collection!" Stephanie Giamatti "Bought mine that day. I think Taiken 4 is amazing." - DJ "Awesome CD!" Brent Collier UK "This is the best of the Taiken series". - Alan Forbes "I knew this would be great. Now I have plenty of new music to train with in my Ninjutsu." Shawn Robbins "I work out to the first hald, and then rest and meditate to the second. Awesome tunes!" Mark D. Erie, Pennsylvania "Many thanks to Norcross Sensei for Taiko inspirations." Ayumi Goto - Japan "I think Taiken 4's drums sound better than ever. Great CD!" John Sullivan - Owner/Sensei Sullivan Karate Do. ____________________________________________________________________________________
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"Great job!" - Preston, Irvine CA "Great voice on Graduation Day and Great solo. Do more please" - Reahna "Good break-up song. Love it!" - Marnie "Is there a difference in quality between CD and downloads on Taiken albums?" "Mp3's suck. Always buy CD's if you want superb sound quality." - Jackson Hayden "CD's are better. I would never purchase MP3's. Taiko drums would sound lousy on Mp3. format." - Aaron Belladonna1992@comcast commented: Sexy new video! Goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trent wrote: I remember breaking up with this chick. Grad Day tune reminded me of her. Thanks man! Awesome! taggerty one jill commented: Does anyone know if Todd sees these comments? Would be cool if he did/ 99luftbawloons33@gmail wrote: Beautiful video of Graduation Day. You sound exactly like Chris Isaac. Except Todd Norcross is more handsome. ; ) Sara commented: Your voice is like butter on the new video, Todd. Such a nice job on the Isaac cover. Max -Boston commented: Graduation day is fucking awesome dude! You rock! \ Christy wrote: Can you open a store on this web site? Reeprcusser wrote: Congrats on your awards. I love your music. Picking up a few tracks later today. Reg E. asked: I can't find Electromagnetica on Itunes? Is it there? I want to purchase mp3
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I think he has girlfriend? : (
Is Todd Married? Single? Kids? ?Want to know
Listening to Ancestor on Youtube. Beautiful music. Wishing good things for all friends of TN.
Happy Valentine's Day Todd ; )
Secret Fantasy Valentine -----> Todd Norcross XXXOOO
Sexy Rock Starr look.
I love Todd Norcross!
"I'll be back!"
New fan after buying Taiken 3 and 4. Great talent and beats!
What guitars do you use? I have a Fender Tele and American Strat.
Love your stuff, Todd! Downloading some tracks when i get to work.
Graduation Day is amazing Todd!
I follow up Jack. New CD's coming??
Hi Todd, Are you working on any new music for 2016? I know musicians hate it when fans ask, but was hoping your break was over? Peace -
I bought The Key of Life from Amazon. I was blown away with the way you made a story out of the song order. I followed the love story and it really moved me. Just wanted to thank you for that. ; )
We want a new CD now! ; ) XXXOOO
Kaiter Enless I'm not someone whom has ever trained in martial arts, but I do a great deal of independent music production as well as instrumentation - just wanted to say that I think your music, especially from Taiken was very interesting to me, made me branch out into different, more ethnic oriental sounds. I figured artist always likes to hear his work is appreciated. Cheers
Happy New Year Shihan Norcross. Blessing to you and yours in 2016.
Happy holidays!
Hi Todd. Will there be a new album in 2016??
Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year and success in 2016! Ron
Happy new Year, master Norcross!
Taiken is out of stock!!! ; (
Such beautiful videos. I am a new fan.
Congrats on the award. I bought mine months ago.
Agreed, Bella! Nothing sexier than a musician with big brown eyes.
So Handsome!!! ; )
awesome job on the award Todd
Hey man congrats on Taiken4 Rock on!
Hey Todd, Big fan of your work, inside the dojo too. Keep it up man.
Is that your studio behind you in the picture? Awesome guitar setup.
WOw! Good luck and prosper on success for you.
Thank you for the uplifting story, Emily. I know that lnviig with a disability is not easy and it's good to know that there are kind people like your Father in the world who make things a little easier for you and for the rest of us who depend on the police department to keep us safe. Best wishes for a great life.
This is a neat sumarmy. Thanks for sharing!
I simply want to mniteon I am very new to blogging and really loved your web-site. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You actually have remarkable well written articles. Thanks a lot for revealing your website.
I love reading these articles because they're short but infemrativo.
Driving to Her is the best song!
We are so glad you made Taiken 4. I think it is the strongest one. My favorite track is #4, 6 and 12
Congrats on your award, Shihan Norcross.
Love your music Todd. Amazing guitar playing. I can tell you are a Lindsey Buckingham student.
10000 awesome
Congratulations, Todd!
Congratulations Todd. Recognized for your work. Nothin better.
Beautiful award. Well deserved.
Great job on your award! Keep up the great work. You rock! <3
Congrats Todd!!
Fantastic music and message.
Congratulations on making so many albums. Good job!
Out of beautiful face, comes beautiful song.
Thanks for uploading these.
Wow. Days and days of endless Todd Norcross videos. This is epic!
Hey Todd, When will next cd be out. 2015 or 2016? Nice stuff here.
Love your new song. More please?
Congrats on 10,000 T4 and on all achievements unlocked in your life.
Wow! 10k in this day and age is impressive. Congratulations, Master Norcross!
How many guitars and drums do you own?
I gave Brotherhood of the Moon Five Stars homie. Epic trip.
Man, Countdown is great!!
Great new songs you guys have posted. Thanks to the fans of Todd to make videos and spread his music around the world. We need to start a campaign to get Todd Norcross on radio and cable more often. Talent today is lacking.
Lovin the new tracks, Todd. Keep up the amazing work!
How long does it take to record your songs? They sound like they take many hours?
I like your version of Countdown better than Lindsey's, Todd. Yours is faster and catchier sounding. Great achievement for just a 'demo' version? Allie
I LOVE Chris Isaak. I went to his concert in florida way back when. He is the man. Great job on the remake. - Chris
You have a stunning voice. Beautiful!
Sexy new video! Goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember breaking up with this chick. Grad Day tune reminded me of her. Thanks man! Awesome!
Does anyone know if Todd sees these comments? Would be cool if he did/
Beautiful video of Graduation Day. You sound exactly like Chris Isaac. Except Todd Norcross is more handsome. ; )
Your voice is like butter on the new video, Todd. Such a nice job on the Isaac cover.
Graduation day is fucking awesome dude! You rock!
Can you open a store on this web site?
Congrats on your awards. I love your music. Picking up a few tracks later today.
I can't find Electromagnetica on Itunes? Is it there? I want to purchase mp3.
I wanna Jump dem bonz dude
Awesome new tunes! Kick ass guitar licks and drums.
Hi Todd, What guitar pedals do you use? Your tine sounds great on FenderBender song. Zach
New CD soon???
Was brought here by Fleetwood Mac. Nice site!
When will new CD come out, Todd??
Must be laughing at broken E string on the guitar? LOL
Nice smile!!! ; )
I bought Taiken 4 and it is good. Probably my favorite of the taikens. Great ninja music for shugyo training.
Congratulations on your Shihan promotion!
Please do some more John Denver covers. Maybe cover some modern country stars too? Luke Bryan? You sound kinda like him.
I love yer smile.
I have most of Hayes' books. He is awesome! I am jealous. Live too far away to train at your dojo.
Fender Bender and Back to the Eighties fucking rock dude!
DO the Taiken albums come on vinyl?
Beautiful music!!!! <3
Ryotoshi Sensei, when will you be back in Indiana? Please let me know. I emailed you on Sunday. Thank you, sir!
Taiken 4 is playing as I am studying for my nurses degree. Inspiring.
Congratulations on your award, Sensei!!
Vote for Trump 2015!
Purchased Taiken 2 at my CD store for $5. Bargain find!
Incredible talent abounds here in this Oasis.
Awesome, man! Ninja Stephen K. Hayes has been a hero of mine forever. Kudos,
I thought that Taiken 4 was the best oriental CD Todd has created. T2 was my least favorite but each one had great tracks somewhere in there
OMG in love!!
I love "Annie's Song!"
Guitar players are so sexy. He can sing to me any day!!
Ladies, is Todd available?? Married? Kids? Can't find much personal info on him?
I think Todd's voice is fantastic on the new videos. I am so glad he is back to singing, again. Instrumentals are great, but I connect more to his singing and voice. Keep them coming.
Todd Norcross = John Denver?? Yes.
Beautiful singing, Todd. These are great!
I like these interpretations by Todd. I was never a big Denver fan, but these new recordings have changed my mind. Now, I would like to see Todd cover some Dylan, Dennis DeYoung and John Rzeznik
I Love Annie's Song by John Denver. I remember my Mom singing it. Todd sounds exactly like John. Scary!
This artist is a good find.
I agree, Kissing in the rain is hot.
I loved the happiness video you guys uploaded. It really brightened my day. Thank you!
Great videos, Todd! Keep them coming, please. ; )
Kissing in the Rain is a super sexy song. Wow!
Great Site, Stick to the fantastic work. Thanks. http://ripoffreport.occupywallstreet1.com
Married??? Girlfriend?? Steady?? Want 1???
Yes, T4 was great. I have my favorites on each of the four albums. I made a mix of all of them, but my CD can only store 18 songs. Hard to pick my favorite track. Depends on mood and day.
FInally picked up Taiken 4. Awesome CD!~
Jolene is my sisters name. She sounds like you wrote the song about her. I try to stay out of her drama. My life is best with clear meaning through God. Thank you for your great songs.
Thank you for your lessons this past weekend, Sensei!
Hello Master Norcross, I know this site is more for music, but I must say I have been following you for several years. I love your martial arts videos on You Tube. Your teaching style is very good. I think you are literally a wizard at ninjutsu. I have seen a LOT of "senseis" but you are a true master. I live in Oklahoma so I can't be your student in Ohio. I hope to one day move near Cincinnati to train under you. Billy Monroe
Love the new song and video, Todd. I could watch these all day long; even if I am at work and supposed to be working. ; ) LOLOL
Beautiful music to inspire.
How did I miss Growing Old song???? Amazing!
Beautiful smile Love!!!!!!!!!
Sup Mr. N. Rock away giant of indy rock gods.
Great new CD! Communing with nature, all is one.
I have his old band "Stresscow" on CD. It was a live recording back in 1999. Singing and all.
Will there be any DVD's of performances out soon??
5,000 is an amazing achievement, Ryotoshi! Congrats!
I have listened to three hours of Todd's music. I can finally tell his style, I think?
Ha, Zoey's got a crush!
“ This song (Echoes) is absolutely beautiful!! ”
5/12/15 “ Good luck Brother! God Bless ya! ”
Please write some more love songs...
How many sword do you own Master Norcross? I have four of them and one bo staff. I want to move like you one day in Ninjutsu.
Love the videos. Very soothing to the ear and mind. Lost my Mother 5 years ago, so on this Mothers Days I am appreciating your music, thinking of her.
Hi Todd, Just wanted to say I really think your music is cool. Have a good day!
FYI Musicians are constantly bombarded by psychos. I am sure he will prefer someone local than a fan girl.
He would make time for me, Mord! I assure you! LOL
Has no time for bitches.
I think he is not married. His bio has no mention.
Last I heard he was broken up. Not 100% sure?
Does anybody know if he is single? Girlfriend? Married?
Domo Arigato Master, for teaching us the ways of the Ninja. Ninpo Ik Kan!
Jolene makes me cry every time I hear it. SO beautiful.
Will we see you on Americas Got Talent?
Awesome job on the award. Keep up the good work.
WOW! 25K is amazing! I have 2 of each..does that count!?
Congradulations on the sales award bro!
Congratulations!!! 25 thousand!! Wow!
Congrats on your award. You are very talented!
I got my CD signed today. This will be worth a lot one day...
Smaug is haunting and kinda scary.
March of the Samurai is my favorite to sword train to. Resurection of Smaug is awesome to.
Congratulations, Ryotoshi Norcross on your Taiken 4 success.
Todd Norcross is the forerunner in martial arts music for all styles. His CD's have provided the soundtrack for many in the field of self-discipline through the eastern arts.
Happy Belated, Todd. Hope you had a great one.
Sorry I missed your birthday Sensei! Pumped for the next sword class!
Great interview on Todd and his thought process in writing such beautiful songs. Thanks for posting. Cheers.
Any more interviews to post?
I am lovng Taiken 4 and Taiken 3.
Happy Birthday from California to you!
Happy Birthday to a fine guitarist that I wish I could be half as good as. You rock Todd!
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous birthday Mr. N.
Happy Birthday Ryotoshi Sensei!
Happy Birthday!!
Heard you on the radio today!!
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday Master!
Happy Birthday, Todd! Thank you for blessing all the fans with great music and content.
What guitars do you use Todd?? I hear Roger Waters in you.
We love your web site. Hours of entertainment provide solace.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sensei Norcross. Blessing from Buddha to you and your family.
Happy Birthday, Master Ryotoshi!!
Taiken 4 rocks. Best of the series! T1 least favorite.
Nice site! Ninjer Music Master Dude.
We love Taiken 4, Todd. Thank you!
I agree Tab, Irish Eyes is a great little window into his psyche at the time. I love his lyrics. Wonder who Robyn is/was???
Todd, if you read these comments? Irish Eyes is fantastic! Thank you guys, whomever uploaded this gem. How do we get it on CD?? i LOVE old demos of artists when they first started. There is a passion in your voice that is so pure. I love it!!
I have never met Todd Norcross, but clearly his music, writings and arts dignify him as simply a remarkable thinker, period.
ROFL Beer makes anything better!!!
Gongfu is the best tune so far, but I need to hear it more to really pick a winner.
Ha, Nick. Drunk or undrunk, I want to practise sword to it now.
Taiken 4 + beer = awesome!
I knew Todd Norcross way back in the 90's. He was always the best at everything, including singing. Go, Todd!! Congrats and much success
It is cheaper to order Taiken 4 from CD Baby not individual tracks. FYI
I love resurection of smaug. Best song so far after three listens.
Ordered it today! FTW
Wow! This is the best of the Taiken samurai music discs. You guys, order this one now. Blown away!!!
T4 Tuesday Yes!
Taiken 4 is coming out Tuesday!!!!
Looked for Taiken 4 on Itunes but it isn't available yet.
I dont think fans can watch. awkward.
Does Todd go to Nashville to master his music? What studio does he use? Can fans watch the process?
Yea, madonna was never a favorite.
Tru dat!
Agreed anna!
Todd Norcross needs to be recognized by the media. Madonna falls off the stage and her music sucks and she still gets front page news. What has she done lately? True artists such as Todd should be celebrated more. It is a shame what the music industry has become.
Todd, please offer autographed Taikens PLEASE!
Maybe we can request enough that they will make some available? Worth a try.
Autograph CD would be a must buy.
Can we get autographed copies of Taiken 4??
Milspec, it has always been March as original release date. Prolly in April due to producers and printers. Chill...
Taiken 4 just got bumped to March/April? WTF
..and those strong guitarist hands. mmmmm ; )
Most beautiful brown eyes ever....Todd Norcross.
Read the front page, moron. Comes out next month.
WHen will TAIKEN 4 be out?
Just saw video on Youtube with Sensei teaching the Sai. Loved it!!!! Check it out.
Todd's quote on Fear is spot on.
He teaches Ninjitsu and weapons to people.
He does not have any DVD's as far as I have googled. He does teach at his dojo near Cincinnati. He has like 300 students??
Yea, he needs to write a book fer sure.
Love the quote. When will the wisdom book be out??
I am getting impatient waitjng for Taiken 4. Argh!
Thank you, Todd Norcross. That quote on Fear should be a poster in my children's bedroom. They could use it.
No DVD's. But he has videos on youtube. Type in Ryotoshi or Todd Norcross or Masonninjaschool. His dojo has bunch of them.
Does he have Taijutsu DVDs out there?
Yea, he is quiet about it. He has a bunch of black belts in different arts. I cant afford to move there. NEED LOTTERY!??
He has been around and active a lot longer than most 15th Dans in Bujinkan. He is the real deal. I want to move to Ohio to train under him. He is brutal in his style in Taijutsu.
He has a bunch of black belts in different arts. I saw him with Master Hayes in demos. I like his Taijutsu a lot
Awesome ninja moves dude.
Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taiken 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My birthday is in March. Treating myself to your new cd...
Cant wait for T4 to drop sounds amazin.
16 tracks = awesome!!!
I downloaded Lineage and Lore and am listening to it today. Todd should have a golden globe or something. Y R there so many musicians who are overlooked in industry?
Sensei Norcross, I count the days until the Taiken 4 download comes out to us. Thankyou sir.
This man's man is so fucking attractive in soooo many ways, OMG!!!
New fan of Todd Norcross, grown from the 90's. BRB Klove2u!!! <3
Yea, DVD's would be cool. IMO
Question for Admin: Can we get Todd's interviews on DVD?
Dude, you are good with that staff!
Cool website. Videos are making sense even more since "Je Sui Charlie" incident. Good stuff here.
"All I can say is WOW !!" - Facebook Post
Wisdom from Ryotoshi abounds in these talks. I am thankful as they help my mind be calm and focused on what is important for life. Thank you! Arjay Williams
WHat day in March will the new cd be avialable to the public?
Great interviews, Master Norcross!
The best 2015 to you ans yours Master Norcross. Your videos are awesome.
Todd, Do you ever take breaks from music? If so, what do you do on your free time?
Happy New Year!
I really enjoyed the interviews. You have such a great voice.
Happy New Year, Todd!! Cannot wait for Taiken 4!!
I always wanted to know what that warrior name meant. Happy New year to you, Master Ryotoshi of the Clear Blade of Truth.
Hi Todd, The first track is really good! How many taiko drums did you use? I like the layering you did. Will all of Taiken 4 be like it?
Happy New Year to you, Todd. May 2015 be successful for you and yours!
Taiken 4 will be out in February, according to Reverbnation.com Yes!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year, Todd. Virtual kisses from Nashville!
Merry Christmas and Happy New to You, Master Ryotoshi!! Can't wait for the next seminar you teach.
Your music total love. I am fan here in China.
It was the little dog looking out to the ocean that got me. Looks like he is waiting for his deployed veteran dad to return. Shame Obama is still sending men over their.
Me too, Gina.
k-fluglehorn in em just made me bawl my eyes out. Wow! ; (
Great job fans! Keep those videos coming, people. Let's break the record for the Todd Norcross fan club.
Will Taiken 4 be all drums, or some meditation songs?
Hey, that song is very sexy. Gorgeous voice!
Deep with the night is such a beautiful song. I want Todd to sing me to sleep every night.
Dear Master Ryotoshi, I am from Finland. I am listen to all albums by you. Taiken 4 will overcome all dojo music.
So handsome!!
I want to be "Deep within the Night" with Todd Norcross. <3
Taiken 4 will be welcomed here in our dojo! You are a celebrity here, Ryotoshi Sensei.
Lefties are in their right minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Todd, I have always immensely enjoyed your singing and guitar playing. While I am not into Japanese music, I will still check yours out when it releases. Keep rocking! Max
Todd, you are very moving - you have the ability to touch one's soul. ”
Merlin Part 2 is a Great Song! Thanks.
Game of Gnomes get a THumbs up!
“ Love your stuff!”
“ Good luck Brother! God Bless ya! ”
“ I love owls 'n ur music sounds great but i'm stressing and need to get back to my search. I love the name of the album." - faye
In love means music piercing the soul through headphones. You be the bomb, Todd Norcross
Good stuff!
Todd, thank you for doing another Taiken. We in the martial arts need more great music.
Looking forward to Taiken 4, Todd.
A lot of your work sounds like Enya. It is beautiful! I would love to see you duet with her, one day.
We love you up here, Todd Norcross. Please come toure here.
Can anyone please tell me if Todd is seeing anybody? Is he attached or single?
5k is a great honor, sensei Norcross. Congrads in your future 10k!
(Sean) I am sure Todd would rather be more unknown and talented, that known and talentless?? Hopefully, he will never sell out.
Five thousand copies does not seem like a lot, compared to the drivel that the talentless ones sell, even though they have no talent. The Todd Norcross' of the world should be on top of charts, not the Justin Beiber's IMO.
Todd, Congratulations on hitting the 5k mark in sales. You deserve all the success in the world with your talents and joy you bring to thousands.
Funny but I don't see him asking you all out on a date? Leave him be, plz.
Congratulation Todd! You rock!!
I'm game for some Norcross love, if he likes coloured women??
OMG, no way!!! Taiken 4 would be bad ass!
My friend told me that Todd was secretly working on Taiken 4??? Is this true, mods?
Marionete is very cool man. Tough playing.
Please do a sword dvd for those who cannot train with you. Your kenjutsu and iaido is better than anyone else in toshindo or bujinkan. Please make dvd, ryotoshi sensei?
Hey! I saw your current picture. I'm keen on you a lot. Now let's talk!
It is safe to say that this man is surely a genius of music.
Is now a fan after hearing the song "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the radio in Brazil.
Just found MP's of Todd's on Amazon. Didnt know his backlog had so many tunes on it? Lots of catchin up to do I guess.
Master Todd Norcross you music sings in korea south. Much love to Master Norcross from here.
Is now a fan of Todd Norcross from his song "Downton Abby Wedding" on the radio.
Is now a fan after hearing Todd Norcross on the radio.
Let's help get Todd's album over 5,000 people!!! Fans united!
I just downloaded MP3's of Merlin based in the review by Kelly. It is a great song. Might have to purchase the whole disc now.
This guy can truly play. I really like his style. Kudos from Nashville - USA
Iris and Anne, Rumor has it he is single again? Not sure if true but wouldn't it be nice? <3
Earl, I agree. That is a good song, but I prefer Todd's simpler ones like Game of Gnomes and Birds on a Grave and Marionette, where it is just him and a guitar.
Lady Earth is by far the best track.
I love this new collection. Thank you, Todd Norcross, for your contribution to tasteful music.
WTF! No way you can have him. I have been a fan since "WOnderland" days. He is mine first. ; )
Will you marry me????!!
Great CD, so far....7 tracks in. This music relaxes me from all the bad news in the middle east lately.
Game of Gnomes id bad ass playing. Dinklage would be proud!
Hey all, I think you all need to get this set f songs as it is todd's best guitar playing in a while; especially of you like acoustic picking.
Dave is now a fan after hearing "Echoes" on the radio.
Just became a fan after hearing the song "Merlin Part 2" on the radio.
T Klemczak from Ballston Spa, NY just became a fan after hearing the song "Echoes" on a New York internet radio station.
Lindy L from Mexico just became your fan after hearing the song "Echoes" on internet radio.
Merlin video brought me here. Going to order the full album today.
Excaliber is an awesome flick!!! Very cool music by Todd Norcross really fits the merlin arthur theme.
Thank you for your instruction today, Ryotoshi Sensei. I learned so much about the sword. We look forward to more mastery soon from you.
Hey BB, I think your music and yourself is soooooo sexy. Smart men are a huge turn on. Keep up the gr8ness, Todd.
Cool trax and beats too. Master Todd hits it agin boi.
4get it, took too long to download. Will try ltr..
I hope Todd gets these messages? I bought Lore and I must say I really liked the guitar and production value here. I am happy with my purchase so far.
I was in Canada and heard one of Todd's songs on their weather channel. How cool is that!? I didn't know they knew him there.
I am still listening to Brotherhood and Key of Life, so I have not gotten this new one yet. How is it ,all?
Yes! Just downloaded the whole album. Will give my opinion/review in a few days. Stay tuned!
I thought the guitar tone on One Day on Earth was amazing. To me, that one was my favorite on the first spin through. Hard to pick just one?
Best tracks! 1. Echoes 2. Merlin II 3. Lancelot's Betrayal 4. Afternoon in the Sun 5. Marionette 6. Run to Her
Love the cover art, Todd. Looks like Alice in Wonderland. An ode to your older CD 'Wonderland' perhaps??
Oh, yes, please! Cannot wait 1 more day for this. Must have, like yesteray.
You bring out such emotion in your music. Thank you, Todd Norcross
Todd, do you own any lefty hofner basses, like McCartney does? I have reproduction and it is an amazing guitar.
Sexy man <3
Cannot wait for the new CD, Todd! Fall release??
Check out the song 'Those were the Days' by Todd. The harmonies are sick. ; )
I think he sounds just like Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, in their prime. I could hear this song (Victoria) at woodstock or something live and outdoors.
Does anybody know if Todd has a steady girlfriend? I simply must have him!! LOL
I think Victoria is a great song. Sounds like a whole choir of singers with a good message. Kudos!
Wow, kinda describes me in my teens. LOLOL
You are loved in Canada, Todd. Please do concert here!!!!!!!!!!!
"Great lyrics and amazing harmonies on "Victoria", Mr. Norcross!" - Dee
Yes, I hear McCartney piano in there for sure.
That sounds just like The Beatles. Very Cool indeed! Nice job!
Playing' is a beautiful lyric. I wish he would sing more. - Dana Perone New York
I agree Marissa. It is a very good song. I know someone just like her. She cannot get her act together. It all stems from lack of self-esteem.
Awesome video is Jolene. Moving!
MKHENLEY123 Unknown 2014-04-07 “ Love this! ” United StatesUs 2014-04-05 “ Love it! ” Delete Comment melanie.r.1971 United StatesUs 2014-04-01 “ very pleasing ” Defartist_sm rarenique_apcc United KingdomGb 2014-03-29 “ chill out song :) ” Defartist_sm iluvbob1966 Unknown 2014-03-29 “ This song is absolutely beautiful!! ” Defartist_sm mxjohnstone 2014-02-22 “ 'Wonder'-Full... ” Sunny 2014-02-01 “ nice! :-) ” United States Us 2014-01-13 “ i love owls 'n ur music sounds great but i'm stressing and need to get back to my search. i love the name of the album. faye ” \ mxjohnstone \ 2014-01-12 “ OUTSTANDING & INSPIRING ” \ Defartist_sm dtachia Unknown 2014-01-11 “ good ” manndybears78 United States 2014-01-03 “ very beautiful music ” canary.kg 2013-11-22 “ Very moving - touches one's soul. ” 2013-11-14 “ nicely done ” Rajawali Macau MacauMo 2013-11-08 “ THUMBS UP ” Gary
Nice videos and music!
Agreed! Need more real men like this in America!
I agree. The music fit perfectly with the images and story.
Wow! Laying Her To Rest brought tears to my eyes. Did Todd write the love poetry too? Beautiful!
Nice videos!!!
Animals rock!
I agree. Who doesn't love animals smiling and playing, couples by Todd's brilliant guitar work!
"Play" literally made my day!!! Awesome!
One thing he is not good at is touring. LOL
I think it is safe to say that Todd Norcross is awesome at pretty much everything.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the video messages!
Hi, I am really enjoying delving into your prolific past. I keep finding new videos and songs from years ago. How long have you been putting out music? Amazing how many different styles I am finding. I like country best. Will you ever do any country/bluegrass tunes?
Rad kewl toons by toddski neenja man
Yeah, kind of a "Friday, I'm in Love" vibe to it. Especially the raunchy guitar.
Spring Jam does sound like The Cure. Awesome!
How did you get that rich reverb sound on 'Cathedral'? Did you record it in an actually cathedral or church? It is really cool! I am a student of record engineering like you were, so I am very interested in the process and what mics were used.
Any date on the album completion?? Mike
I love your videos, Todd. Please let us know when the songs are ready to download on our devices. Thanks!
Your music is always so fucking brilliant! How on Earth are you not world famous by now? Yes Justin Beiber is!!??? The world is truly deaf to good music nowadays.
OMG, I watched Cathedral vid 20 times. Inspiring!
New video rocks Mr. Norcross. The pictures match perfectly in menning.
I love your new songs, Todd. I am from Florida and there is no good music from where I live. Anyway, your talent moves me. Blessing to you. Karina
I am a new fan after hearing your song "One Day on Earth" on our radio station here in New Jersey.
Todd, I became your fan after hearing your song "One Day on Earth" on the radio.
I am now a fan after hearing your song "One Day on Earth" on internet radio.
I Love love love your music!!
Your videos on martial arts are inspiring to watch and learn from. I see so much shit being taught in Ninjutsu, but you really explain concepts better than other shihan I have seen. Keep up the videos. I will definitely come by to meet you if I am ever in Ohio.
The videos are brilliant, music, visuals and all. KKD
I am sure Todd does not want debates on a music web page? We should admire his music and leave personal beliefs of fans off this site. : )
Kimberly, There is zero evidence for a God, and 100% evidence for Todd's music. He was not "created", he was born, as was you. Just enjoy his music, without supernatural or religious connotations.
Simply beautiful music to my ears. Awesome is the one who through God creates.
One Day on Earth is amazing!!!
Big fan after hearing Driving to Her on the radio out here. Just purchased the Key of Life disc. Reminds me of Enya?
Beautiful new video to match a beautiful new song. I admire it. Great job!
I absolutely love your music!!!! <3
Is Todd married. does anyone know? Does he have a significant other? He is very cute!
Nice leg throw, Master Norcross!!
Why isn't Downton Abbey Wedding being used on the actual Downton show!?? It is simply beautiful and inspiring! I want to play it when I get married one day. Where can I get this song online?
I like the song they just posted. Will it be on the new album? Should include it imo.
I love the tone of the lead, Todd. More of this.
Love the new Fender tune! Rock style is awesome!!!
Is now a fan of Todd Norcross after hearing "Driving to Her" on the her radio station in Greensboro.
Is now a fan after hearing "The Affair" on internet radio in Indiana.
"Ancestor" is the best imo. perfect from start to finish. Do you write all your music or do you ever collaborate? Wonderful compositions and moods.
I heard "Driving to Her" on internet radio. Now a fan of Todd Norcross!
Became a fan after "Driving to Her".
I am now a fan after hearing "The Affair" on the radio here in California. Great guitar solo!
I loved "Echoes" so much. Buying "Ancestor" and "Key of Life" this weekend as a treat for myself. Can't wait to meet you one day. <3
Echoes is beautiful!!!
Is now a fan after hearing"Echoes" on the radio.
Became a fan after hearing the song "Echoes" on her internet radio.
I am a fan after hearing "Echoes" on the radio.
Became a fan after hearing the song "Echoes".
la.cogo just became your fan after hearing "Echoes" on the London radio station.
I am a new fan after hearing your song "Echoes" on the radio. Brilliant guitar work.
Jean Ball is now a fan after hearing the song "Echoes" on the radio.
Is Todd married?? Researched his bios and couldn't find anything on love life. If not...plz email me.
You are a sexy gem in a world of weeds and dull earth. ; )
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She is now a fan after hearing "Downton Abbey Wedding"on the radio.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on an internet radio station.
Shared her email address after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her internet radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the local NY radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her internet radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her internet radio station.
Shared her email address after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her internet radio station.
Shared her email address after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her internet radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the internet radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her local internet radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her local internet radio station.
Is now a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on her internet radio station.
She became a fan after listening to "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the internet radio station.
janetsantacroce from Atlanta, GA just became your fan after hearing your song "Growing Old Together" on internet radio.
miraclechild21 from Richmond, VA just became your fan. They became a fan after hearing your song "Downton Abbey Wedding" on internet radio.
The bayou brought me here. Love it!!
Is now a fan after hearing "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the radio.
Heard the song "Laying Her to Rest", and is now a fan of Todd Norcross.
Is a new fan after hearing "Growing Old Together" on her radio station in North Dakota.
loves2sing19 from PA just became a fan from hearing you on the local radio.
scbradshaw from just became your fan. They became a fan after hearing your song "Mosquito".
They became a fan after hearing the song "Growing Old Together".
New fan! heard Laying Her to Rest on the radio.
I am now a fan after hearing "Mosquito" on the radio.
Laying Her To Rest was very moving - touches one's soul. Beautiful indeed.
Mosquito in my ear to wake me up from hangover New Years Eve bash. Time for B4 and orange juice.
Happy New Year Todd! Hope you read this? I am vegging to your new tune. Nice.
Happy New Year, Master Ryotoshi! When will new martial art instruction videos be made? You are an awesome instructor. Ivan M. New Jersey
Mosquito really put me in memory of Georgia. Thanks for that!
She just became a fan after hearing "Driving to Her".
Became a fan after hearing the song "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the local radio station.
Just became a fan after hearing "Driving to Her" on the radio.
jyashur from Littleton, CO just became a fan after hearing "Downton Abbey Wedding" on a local radio station.
"Fireworks911" from Cheyenne, WY just became a fan after hearing the song "Driving to Her"on the radio.
Hi, you are a very good musician. Thank you for supporting music. Be well.
You are beautiful! ; ))))
How many swords do you own?
Free downloads are always a nice Xmas bonus. Thx Mr. N. and staff.
I think "Growing Old Together" is magnificent!
Thank you for the free donnwload!!
Listening to Ancestor this snowy day. Perfect with a cup of java.
I saw your martial arts videos on your dojo site. You are one bad ass mother f***** for sure.
Todd, you amaze me. Seriously.
Bought the Key CD. Loved it! Favorite is "Downton Abbey", "The Affair", "Driving to Her", and I loved the last song "Mine, Shortly After" as well. Such a mix of types.
Beautiful, brown eyes, yum.
Great new CD, Todd! Keep it up. So much better than radio stuff these days.
I liked "The Affair" the best, so far. It has a killer guitar solo at the end that builds into a sexy climax. Literally orgasmic!
w3ndiwoo is now a fan after hearing the song "Laying Her to Rest" on the radio.
Mitzie49 from Daytona Beach, FL is now a a fan after hearing the song "The Affair" on the radio station.
Joy Neufeld from Brinnon, WA just became your fan after hearing your the "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the radio.
Aurora.nu from Olney, MD just became a fan.
D. from Dillsburg, PA became a fan after hearing the song "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the radio.
Mermaid3171 from Washington, DC just became a fan after hearing the song "The Affair" on the radio.
Kolohe Hokua'o just became a fan after hearing the song "The Affair" on the radio.
Dora98 from Melbourne, FL just became a fan after hearing the song "Laying Her to Rest" on the local Florida radio station.
Linda C. from Malden, MO just became a fan after hearing the song "Driving to Her" on the radio.
Teresa Medina-Castillo from Rocky Mount, VA bacame a fan after hearing the song "Laying Her to Rest"on the radio.
Jeanettebuzz from Covington,GA is a fan after hearing the song "Laying Her to Rest" on the radio.
She just became a fan after hearing the song "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the radio station.
Kindtlinda from Dallas, TX became a became a fan after hearing the song "The Affair" on the radio.
"Groovemasterm" is now a fan after hearing the song "The Affair" on the radio.
EC_Ramsdell from Los Alamos, NM just became a fan after hearing the song "The Affair" on the radio.
Karen Blye from Summersville, WV became a fan after hearing the song "Laying Her to Rest" on the radio.
Ryotoshi, will you be doing any more mind teachings on CD again? I listen to your meditations all the time and find them invaluable to keep me balanced. Please consider another series?? Thanks, Keiran
My CD is on its way!! Can't wait!
Draftwrite from Yangzhou, China just became your fan. He became a fan after hearing your song "The Affair" on the radio.
Doxinka from Slovakia just became your fan. They became a fan after hearing your song "Mid Life Crisis" on the radio.
Ellen Thompson-Gatermann from Columbia, MO just became your fan. They became a fan after hearing your song "Downton Abbey Wedding" on the radio.
LOL Newbies! I have been his fan since the 90's!!! JK-welcome board!
Suzanne Schaefer from Everett, WA just became your fan. They became a fan after hearing your song "Laying Her to Rest" on the radio.
cmalloy from just became your fan. They became a fan after hearing your song "Laying Her to Rest" on the radio.
Great guitar work on The Affair. Strat? I used to play a lot of electric guitar until arthritis took that ability away. Anyway, good to inspire me with your riffs and tones.
Todd, I have been a fan for nearly ten years now, since before the Taiken days. Although I like many of the older CD's, I think this is your most sophisticated album to date. It was produced with a lot of thought. Always enjoy your style and musicianship. Looking forward to the next one. Alan Federoff - Phoeni, Arizona
Me too. I just heard The Affair on my college station here in Portland. Yay!!! Did you guys see the cd is up on cdbaby. Just got mine.
Yes, great tunes and killer riffs as usual.
Key is awesome man!
It played Downton Abbey Wedding playing on my radio station now. Japan - Today at 8:50am
Yitzi Cooper Heard "Mid Life Crisis" playing on my station after Linkin Park. Israel - Today at 2:10pm
I Heard "Driving to Her" playing in a station with Linkin Park Russian Federation. New fan!
emilsegovia Heard "Mid Life Cri…" playing in a station with Kings of Leon
heard Driving to Her on radio here. Very good. I am new fan.
I like MidLife Crisis for your song. I am downloading from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/toddnorcross19
I love the vidoes Todd! More, please!
Curious to know, what's your opinion on obamacare?
How many guitars do you have??
Pre-ordered today. Thx.
I can;t download DTW yet?? Hate waiting...Sux.
I simply cannot wait until Downton Abbey Wedding is out. What a tease! ; )
OMG! Dowton Abbey Wedding is awesome!!!! Gonna use it for my wedding!!
Very nice video, Todd. Pre-purchased the new cd today. Looking forward to receiving it.
I like how you are always changing your style, yet I know your stuff the second I hear it. Unique, indeed. : )
Awesome new picking tune, Mr. N.
I LOVE the new single!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Hey Mr. N. I will defenitely be buying the new cd. Looks cool, as a concept album.
4 weeks! Yay!!
Excited for some new music by you, sir!
?? Album date?
Any news on when the CD will be dropped??
Comments: I just wanted to drop a not of thanks to Mr. Todd Norcross. Recently was going over a dvd of Mr. Hayes and found your name under the authorship of the music. Looked it up on youtube and found a little video blog about finishing the journey. I sat at the computer and started to cry. My whole life of 44 years I have rarely finished anything at all. I have studied martial arts on and off for over 28 years. Wanted to be a teacher of martial arts for almost as long. I have had a failed marriage, thankfully have been re-married now for 18 years. I was going to study to be a pastor, things happened, I quit. Here I am in Kirkwood, NY and still have desires to be the best I can be, but never willing to eat bitter. Your video blog however was quite uplifting and inspirational. I don't exactly know what steps to take to reach my goals, but listening to your words was a help in stepping back on the path. Thank you so much for your music and your words of wisdom. Sincerely, Noel Axton P.S. Everyone needs a teacher and I am willing to be a student if you have any suggestions.
That would be awesome if it was!
I heard it is a double length CD. Anyone else heard this?
Do you teach Kendo, Master Ryotoshi? I want to learn from you.
Booyaa! New CD!!!
Is he!!??? I hope so! I am!
Heard you were getting work done on the new cd in Nashville. I love country music and have been there before. Beautiful city!!
R U single now?? ; )
I really like the solo on Ace of Bass. Sounds like old Dave Gilmore. Very well done!
Hi Mr. Norcross, Hope you see this. I am enjoying all the old catalog of songs. Thank you for sharing free with us.
Nijaz suk but u r kewl
I didn't know you played the saxophone too?? Wow!
I love the beat in "heat". Very catchy!! I will buy your song. Where is it available? Itunes?
Sexy saxophone playing for sure.
Wow! Loving the new tracks! Awesome!!
Will you be playing live anywhere?
We are looking forward to the new album dropping soon we hope?? TTYL
BTM was your best album IMO. Total mood setter and was just close to perfect.
Hi Mr. Norcross, Is there any news on the new cd release date? I know you said summer/fall??
Thank you for the updates. We look forward to more work from the master.
...waiting...for new cd.... ; )
Can't wait for the new release!!
Congratulations on breaking the top 40 on Reverb Nation!! What an achievement!
Just downloaded Taiken 3 andam lovin it. We have all three here at our school now. We train to them daily. Big fans of your music here in Nashville.
Saw a video of you playing guitar. Awesome finger-style and very unique how you double pick with index finger so fast. Did someone teach you that?
May the fire secretly bless you, Master Ryotoshi. Blessings for a prosperous future. Rev. White
How many guitars do you own? I saw a picture with your home and I counted 8? Are there more and what kinds?
Inspire us, Todd!!!! <3 <3
Heard Kanye West's CD and then popped in yours. No comparison in talent. His sucked!! Thank you for your creativity Todd. You have no idea how much your music has meant to me over the years. It gets better and better, like wine-the old adage. Keep up the great work until you are a hundred.
Better since your fire? ANy new music coming out this summer? Let the fans know
Happy Summer to you, Ryotoshi.
Saw some of your videos on youtube. You are one bad ass mother fucker for sure. A ninja warrior who plays guitar. Does it get any cooler than that?
Sorry about the fire, Ryotoshi Sensei. You are strong and will endure anything. Peace to you...
Taiken 4 would be thbomb!! Yeah! True or rumor?
Hope ur safe? Cant wait for new music!!
Taiken 4 rumors???
Listening to "Ancestor" in the rain=heaven.......
Heard about your studio fire Master Norcross. You will endure though. Ninpo-ikkan!!!
Hope the fire won't set you back too much? Blessings to you!
Yes, any news on the new cd date?? Dying here! ; )
Great site man. Simeon.
Hi, Any new news on when cd will drop??? Thanks! Jedd
Todd Norcross, I feel elevated with confident thoughts when I hear your words to comfort me when I am in my critical situations. You are my mentor, always be with me to reach fruit of success!
That was a very cool article about mtv show. Would be interesting to see it air. Made good decision to say no though. Keep going, sensei.
Do you offer private sword lessons, master? Can you travel?
Yes, brilliant videos Ryotoshi Sensei. I may be moving to Cincinnati next year for school. I will definitely be enrolling under you if that comes to fruition.
Cannot wait for the new music album, Todd!!
Hi Mr. Norcross, great new video with the katana. Very clean and precise are your movements. True mastery. Just wanted to give thanks for your teachings.
Do you offer private sword lessons, Master Norcross? I want to learn from the best.
Loved Piano Saloon!!
Hola, soy asombroso. Cuento real.
Master Norcross, I have not seen any new videos of Budo lately. When will new instruction come?
Catchy Tune!!
Charging my batteries while listening to "Ancestor" and "Robot Love", doing my work with good positive influence. I feel that there is new music coming out From Todd Ryotoshi Norcross. So,yes, get ready. More on it's way.
Bing, Talent is talent. Usually, musician's can transgress genres if they have the ear for it. Not surprising at all he can do it.
Whoknew he did dance music too!!!? LOL
Will the new song b on the 2013 download album?
How much do you charge for music per hour?
Wow! Powerful!!!!!
Under-rated guitarist imo.
Under-rated guitarist imo.
Mr.Norcross, I specially love your piano playing. Will there be piano songs appearing?
Cannot wait for the cd!!!! This is great news!
Yay! New CD coming!!!!!!!!! Happy Day!!!
29 cds...holy shit!!!
Hey Mr. Todd, I am looking forward when your new cd comes out in 2013. Will there be any guitar songs on it?
..any newz on music????
Cool spear!
Thank you, sir, for all you do for the students!!
Hey, can you do a talk on moving out of the house. My son is back from college and is quite lazy. Maybe I could send it to him?
Myamoto Musashi was awesome! Looking forward to the book.
I needed to hear that right now, just lost my girlfriend of two years. Sux. Thanks, Mr. Norcross, helps me.
I love when you say "Never get bored with the training. If you get bored, that means you are boring." That is perfect bujutsu saying. Something Soke Hatsumi would agree with.
Loving these vids and tidbits. Keep em coming.
Looks coooold there. Nice ninja words of wisdom, Mr. N.
,,,endure through the bad times, as well as the good. Perfect in this economy.
Not a lot of activity lately on here. He must be in the studio??
Nice video!
We are grateful for you, Mr.N.
Had to comment on the thankful video. I was really feeling kinda down and came across it by chance. It brought me to tears, imagining all the helpless peoples in the world. Thank you Todd for your words of encouragement.
Hi, The Book of Five Rings is a classic for businessmen too. A guide for strategy based on swordsmanship.
Musashi is such an inspiration to all styles. Can't wait for that title to learn from.
Great new meditation video. I will use it often as I can. Holidays are very stressful. : (
May your new year be filled with much music, Todd
Happy New year, Master Norcross!!!
May your holidays be full of music and cheer Ryotoshi Sensei!!
Merry Christmas, Master Norcross
Dreams of Flying is stupendous. Just brings me to a new place in time.
May your holidays be bright! Thank you for all you do for the world.
I Will look for the album in 2013.
Nice white belt vdeo.
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May your Thanksgiving be fruitful. Blessings to you and yours.
Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Norcross
Todd, That is great news on the new album for 2013. I will be first in line for a copy. Erin
Wow, you sure write a lot!!! Looking forward to 2013's new creations. peace, Hamm
Congrats on distributon from Century Company. Large honor for Master Norcross Ryotoshi.
Any new paintings coming out we can purchase online??
Hi Todd, Hope all is well with you? You look just as handsome as you did years ago in Mass. R U single? Can't be. ; ) Let us know when you r coming home for visit??
yes, a meditation DVD, or CD would be greatly appreciated. #2nd that
Will u ever put out a meditation dvd???
Ryotoshi, Congratulations on your CD's. You deserve all the success that comes your way. Kudos!
I bought Taiken 3 last month. I like it better than the other 2. Congratulations Master Norcross on your continuous achievements.
Congrats on Taiken series! It is the best music out there for sure.
Hi Todd, I just wanted to say how incredibly great your music is for the Ryu Tai DVD. So tasteful. So perfect. Such good timing. Well done. Kind regards, Russ
mmmm thanks for the video on youtube of finishing the journey I love it I will see it and on oct 4 I have an appointment for my school and going back to finish my degree thanks,
Thank you for answering the dojo questions master, Ryotoshi!
Just ordered the "Ancestor" cd from cd baby's outlet. I should get it by Monday. Is it true some of these are autographed by you? That would be awesome if it were true!!!!
Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. It really saved my day. Lindsey Stefano
Good message, green background.
Master Norcross, You are an incredible inspiration. I wish I lived in your city, so I you could be my sensei and guru. Oh well...
Wish I could see it all so clearly as you do, I just can't. Thx.
Good advice man!!
Thank you for that video Sensei Norcross. I really needed to hear that advice right now. It helped me tremendously. Bless you!
I like your new songs Mr. norcross. You are the most talented person I have ever met. Big fan!
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Thanks for the upload admin.
Wow! Return of the King is really good. Need to have a "Best of 2" IMO Inspiring.
Beautiful new song! I love it! How can I get it on tape? Please advise...
I heard you might be making music for Mrs. Hayes Ryu-Tai Yoga DVD? True or not??
I absolutely LOVE your new CD Todd. Keep up the amazing craftsmanship.
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Judging by the reviews, I thought I would give the new cd a try. I am not a piano fan, but I do like your production and composing style. I will post a review when I have heard it.
Just ordered the new cd. Will be here in three days!!!
Watching the 2012 Olympics and listening to your CD=awesome!!!!!!!!
I think Ancestor are the best songs yet. Brotherhood of the Moon is a close second! Please produce more in this genre, not as many people go for Japanese music. Thanks. Pete
Another cool CD, Mr. Norcross. You are awesome! Peace!!!
Cool tunes dude! Rock on papi!
Ancestor is beautiful Todd, keep up the good fight, no pun intended. ; )
I love the music of piano. You are an inspiration to so many who cannot play and compose the way you do. Thank you, Todd Norcross.
Bought the new cd today. Awesome creation imo. Great and mature music.
I just heard the whole cd... It's exquisite and breathtaking! Todd is such a grounded person. Anyone who has music like that floating in his head has tranquility in his core being-and we get to benefit by hearing his inner soul coming out!
Suzan wrote: "Just listened to the track-sooo beautiful! I went from goosebumps to tears to total serenity with your music! It is outstanding. U r to be greatly complimented-can hardly wait to buy it!"
The Ancestor, 2012. A joyful listening in peace with a mellowed tune so in depth, so relaxing piano. Let the sound’s of Todd Ryotoshi Norcross take you on a hypnotic trip that you won’t regret. Songs that I so much like: Dance With Her And Waltzing With Ghosts. That’s The Ancestor is for me been ever waiting for it so long. The Ancestor, you Have To Get it.
I didn;t like much of Taiken 1. Taiken 3 was the best one of the series. I will pick up his new one as soon as I get paid.
Hey everybody! I just found Todd's new CD on www.cdbaby.com for only $9.99 download. Fans, you can get it early if you don't want to wait for the cd!!!
ok, excuse my language, but the space video is the fucking bomb!! If the whole cd is this good, then I am in love!
Love the new cover design!
Hi Mr. Norcross, Will there be any electric guitar solos on the new Ancestor collection? I would love to hear them, if possible. I play guitar myself and I love your guitar solos. I am lookijg forward to getting my copy of the new cd in July. Thank s for taking my request, A.J. McGinnis
Beautiful music and videos Master Norcross.
Ancestor-Release it already!!!!!
I thought the cover said "18" instrumentals??
Great videos Todd. Looking forward to July!
Thank you for that special tribute to the soldiers. It brought tears to my eyes and perspective to my day. God bless you.
Thank you for that special tribute to the soldiers. It brought tears to my eyes and perspective to my day. God bless you.
Happy Memorial Day Master Norcross. Hope you are busy working on the Ancestor tunes. Looking forward ti it!
I will bet you can kill someone a hundred different ways with a guitar. LOL
I really like the video aspect of things. It shows you are real.
Seasons & Years is an awesome song! Can't wait for the full album. Summer 2012 looks good!!
WOw! Looking forward to rocking out this Summer to some new music from Ancestor. New video is transcendent. Callie
Ryotoshi, How does one enter involvement in martial arts where I live. Can I study long distance under you and recieve ranking in ninjutsu? I admire your style much. I would wish to travel there and be in your dojo. I am no fan of their style of bujinkan and toshindo. Yours is different and real.
...wouldn't want to meet you in an alley angry, that is for sure.
Love the video! U R really hot!!
Hi Todd, I heard he just came out of the coma. Your song tribute is a blessing to him. It sounded beautifully done by you. Thank you!!1
Ha! I could see you as the 4th Bee Gee for sure! Beautiful tribute. Do more please...
Stunning! Wow STUNNING job on the cover song. Bravo!
Hello mr Norcross, I so "liked" your article on the 6 rules on the mat that I took the liberty to translate it into French so that my students who do not all understand English very well may benefit from it too. I have put reference to theDojoInc page on facebook and your blog too. thank you for putting things so clearly into words. Johan D'hondt
Master Ryotoshi, I have been a student of Hatsumi Soke as well as An Shu Hayes since the 90's. I have also trained with Fumio Manaka and Jack Hoban and other shihan. Your music is the one constant thing that has helped me in my training. I know there are only 3 taiken (I have them all), but I would like you to reconsider making a fourth??? We need more of that type of music for LDL students. Let me know, I will email you privately. Thanks for everything sir! Mark
Looking forward, Master Ryotoshi, to your new stuff. Gambatte.
Ancestor is beautifully composed!!
and this is true, I have left behind the old music now I am most in to Todd's music and love it since that I cant stop listing to it what more, I am Waiting of the Ancestor it's going to be big I believe and love his work. From Chula Vista , CA
and this is true, I have left behind the old music now I am most in to Todd's music and love it since that I cant stop listing to it what more, I am Waiting of the Ancestor it's going to be big I believe and love his work. From Chula Vista , CA
Man I am on the jazz with Taiken 3. Working very hard to make a project get a green light. "Rally the Troops" and "Puppet Dance" got me working. I have just bought the jewel tree
Nice video for your new song. Looking fwd to it. JJG
Breathtaking scenery, melodic rich soundtrack score, yep..that is classic Todd Norcross. : )
Mr. Norcross, My name is John and I am a veteran who served in Afghanistan. I just wanted to thank you for the new music video. It literally brought me to tears. I lost 2 friends in the war. The music stirred up my emotions and made me feel that what I did was the right thing. Thank you for inspiring me to believe in this wonderful country again. May God bless you and yours!
Great video dude. Will be a purchase for me.
OMG That song is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Wow!!!
Love your new video Todd. You are awesome, straight up!
Hi, When does the new cd drop?
Taiken series needs to continute Ryotoshi!!!!
Hello to Todd, I am a fan of your martial arts soundtrack music style. We play it in our school all the time. Hopefully, there will be a Taiken 4??? That would be well received. Anyway, big fan here. Len
Is there a reason real estate is goingup again?
Hi Todd, I am from Japan. I looking for new music in 2012. Be good to you and be friends.
Mr. N, I really like the way you move effortlessly in your martial arts moves. That to me shows real mastery. I take Tae Kwon Do in Ann Arbor. I wish you could be my Sensei and I lived closer to your school. Please make a DVD?
RU A sudent of Dr. Kaku?? Awesome!!
I enjoy your fingerpicking style Mr. N. It is very unusual the way you hit certain strings twice really fast with one finger. I tried and could not copy it. It is very unique and cool.
Todd, I bought four of your works in the past 6 months or so. I must say that "Brotherhood of the Moon" is by far my favorite, although the others are good too. There is just something about the mood (perhaps the weather effects and tone) that really affected me in a deep way. It is very meaningful music. I read that your Ancestor CD will be similar. That is great news! I look forward to all your new things as they arrive at my doorstep. Your #1 California fan, Ashley
Please forward to Mr. Norcross, Can you paint faces too? I love your paintings a lot. My daughter paints too. I would buy a portrait, if possible? I will send my email to get a price quote. Thank you! Lindsey G.
Hi, Just ripped all three Taken CD's. They rock so far!!
Michio Kaku is my hero! How fortunate to be so close to him. Awesome!!!!
Michio Kaku is my hero! How fortunate to be so close to him. Awesome!!!!
Todd, the videos of you playing are mind-blowing. I have been a guitarist for thirty years and the pros ain't got nothing on you. Mad skills man. Keep rockin'. Jerry
Master Ryotoshi, may your Year of the Dragon be prosperous, safe and bright. Thank you for teaching me through example and artistry. I am going to make 2012 the best year yet. Peace.
Congrats on the weather channel song. Can't wait for the 2012 CD experience. Your fan...Michelle
Happy New year master Norcross!!
Happy Holidays to you and your family Todd. I am playing Brotherhood of the Moon right now while decorating for Christmas company. It fits perfect with the mood of the house. Looking forward to your next project. peace!
Merry Christmas Master Ryotoshi!
Ryotoshi Norcross, Where did you get that name and what does it mean? You look way more scary and skilled than your teachers in bujinkan.
God bless you Mr. Norcross for all the wonderful memories through your musical creations.
Merry Christmas to you and yours Ryotoshi Sensei.
I love watching you play guitar. Amazing hand coordination is inspiring to players and non alike. Beautiful!!!
Happy Holidays Master Norcross!
You both have very kind faces. Intelligence is super sexy!
Adore Kaku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U R A Lucky man Mr. Norcross! I love Michio Kaku! How did you get to meet him??? I watch him on Discovery and Science Network and Fox News.
Hi, Rocking with gods is amazing music. Congrats!!! peace
Awesome guitar man nice imo
The part on "Encounter with Smaug" where all the gongs crash and build towards the end gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. That is by far the best training song on Taiken 3.
I LOVE Rocking with Gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The old stuff with modern rock twist and guitar solo is perfect! Congrats!
Happy Thanksgiving Master Ryotoshi!!!!
Excellent picking Mr. Norcross. Keep up the cd making. Take care, Zoey
Mr. Norcross, I mailed out check for painting today. Look for it soon, Naira
Reminds me of James Taylor playing in the day. Relaxing tunes and warm sounding. Very nice vids.
Wow! Fantastic chops on the guitar Mr. N.!!!!!!
Cute cat on video Todd. He is your back up singer. ; 0
What kind of guitar is that you are using on medley?? Is it a Fender? Great style and sounds man
Fucking Awesome guitar playing man
Proud of all you have become Todd. I wish everybody followed his or her dreams like you did. You should write a book on your life.
T3 is playing in my dojo. I particularly like the two Smaug drum songs. They help me train harder. They inspire me and my fellow Buyu. Thank you Ryotoshi for your inspiration.
Great CD Mr. N!
The last composition named "A Good Life" on Taiken 3 is quite possibly the most beautiful piece of music I have heard all year. Oh, wonderful sound!
Good 4 u todd, glad everything's going good 4 u!
Brilliant we have all three now playing at our classes
Already got my copy, a fantastic CD! We listen to it when training, and i have it playing in my car. well worth buying!
Is it true Mr. Norcross is working on a book? I heard that through an interview he did about two years ago. What is the status of it, if any? Thank you! Michelle
Taiken 3 is a real winner!
Congratulations on meeting Dr. Kaku. He is an inspiration to many of us! Regards, David Cook
I don't like modern guitar in songs much. I think that "Celtic Shamisen" is his best work. It is mature sounding. The use of the solo violin and backing string ensemble is a perfect match for up and down chord changes of the Biwa. Brilliant!
I like Rocking with Gods. He adds the electric guitar solo in there and it makes it soar. That one and the guitar on Island Adv. is also really well done.
Yeah, they are showing up on mine. My favorites are "death by Shinobi, Island adventure, Kyoto Nights and Flutes of Endurance". Awesome tunes!!
The song titles are encoded digitally. They should show up on your Mp3 player or Ipod.
There are no song titles on the CD!??
I ordered the new cd and should get it next week if all goes well. Looking froward to hearing it.
I ordered the new cd and should get it next week if all goes well. Looking froward to hearing it.
Picked up my CD at festival this year. It is an amazing sounding CD Ryotoshi. Thank you! Will hold it for your signature one day. Ninpo-ikkan!
Death By Shinobi is the best song on T3 because of the beat. Cool!
Wow!!! Powerful drums. Bought three of these for my friends at my school. Sick of Kodo rip offs.
Wow!!! Powerful drums. Bought three of these for my friends at my school. Sick of Kodo rip offs.
Did Todd draw out the cover to his new album??? I like it!
I agree. T3 beats em all by far. BTW, good bullying videos too. Joe
Todd, I just got Taiken Three in the mail and am listening to it now. It is awesome my friend!! I think it is the best one yet. Keep it up with what you do. I hope to get it autographed next time I see you. Good training! Chris
Taiken 3 is your best work yet Mr. Norcross. I hope you get this message. Awesome tunes. Regards, John - Bujinkan 4th Kyu Green Belt
Is T3 out yet????
Great bullying message Ryotoshi Sensei!! We need you to tour schools and teach all kids this information. Thank you on behalf of teachers all across America.
I really enjoyed Flutes of endurance song Master Ryotoshi. I will be purchasing this one at festival.
Need my Todd fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw a picture of your home with several guitars in the background of your studio. What guitars do you own?
2 more weeks and Taiken 3 will be out!!!
Will he be selling Taiken 3 through the Quest Centers too? I think he should do that for To-shin Do families.
vbfhyrterwefwfefcvv cool art!
Todd, can you please have them upload some of your pre-2000 songs? I would LOVE to hear them. Thanx, ciao
Looking forward to release date!
Will Todd's self help teachings ever be on CD or just download? Please advise and thank you! Jennifer Fowley - #1 Fan from Brisbane
My favorite Todd Norcross is The Best Of Orchestral Music and my #1 song is The Horse Lords. I play it on a loop when gaming Awesome!!!!!!
Todd, are you still a practicing Buddhist? I know in a recent interview you said your views have changed. I am curious as to what changed them?
Todd, are you still a practicing Buddhist? I know in a recent interview you said your views have changed. I am curious as to what changed them?
Hi Todd, Could you please make a video for Victoria. It is a great song and story!!!!! <3
When will Taiken 3 be out??
Tell Todd to paint more sunset scenes please. I love those!
Can't believe I never saw your CD on stress before today!?? LOL I am downloading it now from online. God knows,I need it!!
Todd, I do think that we can master something, but I agree that we should never stop trying or 'pretending' that we still need to work on skills. Nice points there.
When will Taiken Part 3 be out?
Todd, I just love A Good Life. I am uber excited to get the new disc. Hopefully, you will have some signed copies available.
Todd, you are not only one of the best musician's, but you are also one of the best martial artists I have ever seen. Glad you share your knowledge at your school.
Just ordered Neil's track from Itunes. Great song! Neil and Todd should collaborate on an album in the future.
Todd, time to release Finding Happiness 2? Some nice stuff on here should be available to others.
Will the interview be sold here?
Mr. Norcross, What is your view on Buddhism and Eastern religions v.s Western religions? I know you have had extensive experience in that.
I agree about everything you said (in the audio interviews), especially about not being able to master anything fully. I would like to hear more of Mr. Norcross' opinions on these matters.
Thanx 4 putting up the interviews. Now I want T3 even more! Cool!
Can we pre-order it for a discount?
Can the site moderator ask Todd when the new Taiken 3 will be available? Thank you!
Todd, You are without a doubt, the best musician in martial arts alive today. I have done the research. No other can compare to your musical proliferation and substance. Keep going Ryotoshi. The martial arts world needs you.
This one seems darker in nature. Definately darker, very cool!!!!
Hey, Awesome new clips Todd! I will be purchasing this one online for sure.
Shihan, I am a big fan of your school and music. I am waiting for Taiken 3 now. Happy 4th of July to you and your students. Ninpo-ikkan!!
Saw you at World Affair in Dayton. Great demo!
When is the release date foe Taiken 3????
I love your music! It is so beautiful!!
Nice work Todd. Go to yahoo.com for more info.
Your school is amazing looking. I wish I lived closer to go there. : (
Awesome technique Master Ryotoshi!
Taiken 3=Awesome!!!! T-2 was better than T-1, so T-3 should be the best.
It is good you are in the world. Your calm and powerful style is a living buddha compassion to others in warrior form. Blessing to your mastery of both death and of life.
I Can't wait for Taiken III. It should be good! Continue making your music Ryotoshi. Rock on! Kyle Roberts Ann Arbor
Awesome videos Master Norcross! Do you teach Bujinkan Ninjitsu?
Cannot wait for T3 to come out Ryotoshi. I live in akron. I have been to the quest center once. I would love to come visit your school soon.
Wow!Cool cutting man!!
Awesome swordsmanship Master Ryotoshi! I wish you were my Sensei. I am stuck with no good schools around where I live. Hopefully one day I can visit your dojo. Alex
Hi Todd, I will await your third installment with bated breath. Hatsumi's Ghost is my favorite from Taiken 2.
T3 sounds cool!
Wow! Can't wait for Taiken3. I have all of them so far!!! Derek
Todd, I received the painting today. It is more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you, thank you!! Laura
I love Todd Norcross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Mr. Norcross. Wishing you many more.
Todd, How do I get the songs I have heard on some martial arts videos I have seen that you do the music for? Please let me know which CD has which song. I am including my email address separately. Thank you! Mike
Happy Birthday Master Norcross. Wishing you a great year! : )
Ryotoshi, It is your birthday. We appreciate all you do in the world.
Happy Birthday Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Master!
Todd is making me a custom seascape painting with a lighthouse. I cannot wait to see it!!!!
Hi, Great site!
Dear Webmaster: How can I order a custom painting from Mr. Norcross? I have attached return email address. Thank you!
Thank you for the fast shipping on my painting I bought from you. I have it hanging in my office at home. It is stunning! I am so happy I purchased something from you. I will treasure it always. Jasmine Greene
Todd, you are a god...plain and simple. ; ))
Hi Todd, I bid on one of your seascapes. I hope I win!!!
Hi Todd, I am a huge fan out here in Lanai City, Hawaii. Consider a trip here. maybe do a concert??? Hope you visit our beautiful island soon!!!
When will the piano songs be in Itunes? Any info would be appreciated.
Those eyes...mmmm those eyes!
Loving your artwork Todd! You were always so talented!!
Hi Todd, I love "Morning Birds". I never heard many piano parts on your songs. Being a piano player myself, I am very impressed!
I will be first in line to order this piano music when it comes out. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Todd, Morning Birds is breathtaking. It transported me to my childhood on the reserves of Florida. Thank you for bringing back the memory.
I just ordered four of your CD's. I am your new biggest fan. Cant wait to get them. TTYL
Rockmaster Ryotoshi!!!!
Todd, Can't wait for the new album. Morning Birds is amazing. Looking forward to more of you on piano.
Beautiful piano song Mr. N. Is there nothing you are not good at??
Morning Birds...simply gorgeous!
Left handed Takamine classical guitar??
Vids are awesome! Sword handling is amazing!
Lovin' your stuff!! Kellie Long-Montreal
Hi Todd, Keep up the great work in music and teaching. You are a true "master!"
Hi Todd, I listen to your music so much that I put together a mix disc of all my favourites but I could not fit them all. Cheers to you Todd
Shihan, your sword skills are amazing! I am inspired!
Incredible Iaido technique and speed master ryotoshi! I wish I lived closer to train under you. Fantastic!!
Any news on your new CD release date?
Awesome sword kata master Ryotoshi!!
Hi Todd, New to this site. What a wonderful plethora of information and music. My 2011 has a new person to appreciate. Thank you! Seri Christian, Anchorage AK
Great music and vids master Ryotoshi.
Thank you for the video tips. I will talk to my kids tonight!
Your radio best of all, I like it very much. Include it in the morning and listen to the evening. Such a good radio as your very little or not! Your site also want to praise a wonderful site. What can I say you are a super class, one of only a delight. Continue the same excellent work and please their listeners a wonderful radio. Good luck and great success, many many happy, let your work brings you joy and many smiles! Daria, Minsk
Tod, the new songs are just great. I would buy this CD today if it was ready. Speaking of that, when will a new one be expected?? ; )
DO U have any recordings of STresscow band that you were in years ago?
Wow, Rain is simply a gem. I can't wait for the whole CD!!
Please ask Todd when his new CD will be out? Anything cookin"?
That is a beautiful poem about Todd. Would like to see more??
Nice poem!
That is a beautiful poem. She is right, todd's gifts are matchless!
Nice site!!
I don't care if they have no lyrics. Please put "Norcross Guitar Demos" on a CD or MP3. I would buy it today. Jinny
2nd that - Guitargodtodd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I noticed you are left handed. Do you reverse yur strings upside down or use them regularly. I lot of guitar players reverse them. Would luv 2 C pics of your axes and gear.
Rocking demos guys!!! Put them on your next cd! Cool!
..when is the new CD out?????
Thank you Todd, your talents are quite enough for us. Sgt. Michael Davis
Ahhh, the legend!!!
Ahhh, the master!!!
What kind of guitars do you own??
Thank you Mr. Norcross for our troop support. I am an ex-army guy who wishes more people would respect us. Thank you for your support.
Todd, you create such fantastic songs! I am amazed by you and your gifts. Never stop making music!!!! Kira
Beautiful song Todd!
This is a great tribute to our men and woman Todd. You should be proud too. Thank you for this beautiful gift! I will pass it on.
As a U.s Army veteran, I am so proud of Todd's song. It moved me to tears. Thank you Mr. Norcross!
We need more Taiko music now Sensei!!!!!!!
Dear sir, I love "October Skies" and "Go" both. As a fellow guitarist, I admire your licks and production. I use a Fender and a Takamine but I am a righty, unlike yourself. Anyway, you have inspired me to play more and try and write some songs. It is hard to do but I will try. I wish I had your ability to create so much. I guess we are never too old to start? Take care!
Beautiful songs Todd!
Please release more new songs!
Todd, you are an amazing talent.
New song sounds like ELO....Wow!
Awesome 80's tune dude! Nice guitar.
Your new song is a real toe tapper for sure. Very up-liftng chorus! great job! Can't wait for the new disc.
Todd, I absolutely LOVE "Back to the 80's"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing song!
Keep up the great work Sensei Norcross!
I love "Go"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to download the full song now!!!
Hi Todd, You are an amazing talent in so many areas. I am a huge fan!!!
Go is beautiful. Awesome.
Congradulations on the song Todd. It rocks!!
Wow! I love "Go"!!!!!
Congrats Todd!!!!
Congratulations on the film pick Todd. You deserve it!!!! ; )
I love "Go"! Makes me want to "go" and drive or run to buy your new CD. Looking forward to it...and many more.
I heard his next one is another guitar cd. We will see...?
Hi Todd, I am a big fan of your stuff, especially your "Todd Norcross" disc that you put out a few years ago. I can take or leave the eastern music, but your voice is my cup of tea. When will your next disc that has singing on it be out??? Yours, Kendra S. Indianapolis
Just bought BTM and Taiken 1 and 2. All are well worth it...I have plenty of material to listen to for awhile.
Can you post videos of you playing and singing please!!!! : )
I agree with what you said in your video. I think that happiness is cultivated from the inside, regardless of what is happening outside.
Hi Todd, Who inspires you, non musically??
Thanks for the free download! Loved it!
Todd, I love your beautiful voice and lyrics! Thanks for sharing with the world.
Great guitar playing Mr. Norcross! I wish I could pick like that. I have been playing ten years and I still don't sound skillful. Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to want to go practice more. Alex
Love the CD's Todd. Keep up the awesome work!
Yer music is as catchy as a cold..in a good way!! Sarah
I am listening to Taiken 2 right now! It really makes my feet tap. I want to get up and train, but I am at work. LOL
Todd, you are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happiness teaching on your video is spot on.
Loved the newest CD Mr. Norcross. My favorite is "Arwen's Lament". It is simply beautiful and moving. keep up the great works of art.
I am a big fan of yours Todd!
Are your videos from your Finding Happiness CD?
I love your video teachings Todd. You are a brilliant communicator and a true inspiration. Keep 'em coming.
excellent stuff Todd!!!
Great videos and songs!!
Is that a mandala in the background? It is beautiful!!
Great advice on editing Todd. This will help our band. Peace!
Thanks for the video interviews!! It is nice to see Todd in action.
I really enjoyed the videos Todd. Please have them give us more of your videos.
You remind me of Steven Spielberg! That is a good, sexy thing!! ; )
Hey Todd, I could not agree more about how happiness is not a belief in anything outside of yourself. It is not what happens to us, but how we deal with it!
Videos are a great addition. Music is really catchy. Heading to the music store on the net to order some stuff from you. Have always enjoyed your stuff over the years.
Nice music and vids. Favorite song is "Victoria" it is about my girlfriend!! LOL
Great advice on the video Todd. Keep up the great work...
Finally get to see you speak! You are extremely interesting to watch! Will this be available on DVD????
Hey Todd, the video is cool. I will keep an eye on Youtube for more. Good stuff man!
How did you learn to play guitar? Who are your influences in music and martial arts?
Drawing Steel, Clash of the Kings and Thundersteed are freaking awesome dude! Well worth the CD just fro those three. The slow stuff is good too. I am going to order more of your stuff next week.
Beautiful new CD Todd! Love the music you seem to endlessly create.
I saw you have a CD on happiness. My question is: How can I find long-lasting happiness in such a terrible world?"
When will downloads be available online for the orchestra CD?
I just ordered your new CD today! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question: Todd, I love your work!~ Is recording in the studio expensive? I want to start my own production company. Scott
You go back and forth from singing to instrumentals. You compose both rock and roll and classical music. Is it hard to balance creativity and which style is harder to make?
How did you learn to play guitar?
Question for contest: What is your outlook on life as far as philosophy, religion or wisdom goes?
Question from myspace submission: "Does your martial arts profession influence your music at all and if so, in what ways?"
Do you base your songs off of women you know or relationships you have had? Are you single at the moment?
For you what mean numinosity ? Steeve Lafleur
Hi Todd, I have a few questions for the contest. Who has been your single-most influence musically throughout your career? Also, will you ever do a country or celtic cd?
How many guitars do you have?
Hi Todd, How do you actually create your songs? Do you write the lyrics first? Do you have a technique or is it more intuitive? Anne Moore-Syracuse N.Y.
Great site!!!!
Arwens Lament is so beautiful. Is it the same character from The Lord of the Rings? I loved Liv Tyler as Arwen!
Anybody know when the orchestra CD is available to buy?
...looking forward to the new CD Todd!
Awesome new tracks dude!
Dear sir, your music isnpires me. Thanks to your efforts I am whole again.
"Hi todd,i have buy 3 of your cd from itunes: taiken2, brooderhood of the moon, and Finding Happiness: simply awesome"
First time to your site. Heart of War (in fact all of them) is an awesome song! I will definitely be ordering your CD when it hits Itunes. How much will downloads cost digitally per song?
Master, happy birthday to you. I wish you many more years of teaching the warrior and sage ways. Thank you!
Happy Birthday Todd!
Hey, Happy Birthday to the kindest ninja on the planet, and the most talented!!! Arthur
You are well loved Todd! Thanks for enriching our lives over the years. You are an amazing man!
Mr. Norcross, I hope you have a great birthday. Thanks for making cds. I have five of your cds. I play guitar to. I plan on meeting you oneday. Bye, Shaun
...I second that!!!!!! : )
Todd, you probably get this all the time, but you are a wonderful human being who has touched so many around the world with your music. I cannot think of anybody who has accomplished everything he has set out to do. Thank you for all your amazing contributions to our lives. We love you!
Happy birthday Todd!! I can't wait for your new cd...best wishes to you on this day!
Happy Birthday to the master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Todd, I am excited for the new CD! The songs sound awesome BTW.
Enjoying "Strings of Steel" on my way to Florida for a week. Yay vacation!!
You are amazing Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your music is like a piece of sweet melon and as you know it is hard to find something refreshing nowadays. Kissing In The Rain is just pure amazing
Wow! The Horse Lords clip is fucking awesome! I cant wait for this CD!!!!!!
Sexy ninja...
Hi Todd, I ordered Taiken 2 (my favourite CD so far). Where can I find Taiken 1 digitally?? I looked on Itunes and it is not there. Please advise and thank you!! Mark Dakota mdkt@yahoo.com
Can't wait for the new disc. I really love classical music. I have been to four symphonies at the NY Met Center. I could imagine these songs I have heard so far being performed there. I think that could be a reality one day perhaps? Anyway, keep up the great work.
Hey Mr. Norcross, you are very talented! Awesome sounds. Brian
"Love the sound and concept of Numinosity. One of my favorite songs of any type of music. Also, Thundersteed MP sounds awesome. Need to get it in a movie. Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!!"
Love it Todd! Don't you even take a break!? lol
Thundersteed rocks! Will the whole cd be like this!?? Cool!
Hi Todd, keep up the great work! You are awesome!
Nice site
RIse from the rubble is beautiful!
I downloaded "Finding Happiness" from the internet about a week ago. I was extremely impressed by the straight-forward verbs and teachings from Todd. What a wonderful orator he is. When most people speak, they speak in notes. When Todd speaks, you hear chords. I highly recommend this teaching.
Dear Todd, Listening to the song Strings of Hope made me want to donate to the people of Haiti. Thank you for the inspiration. May God bless you and them.
Whales and Yemenite are really cool. When is cd projected to be out?
Hi Todd, The new Whale song has a lot of mesmerizing musical layers to it. I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Richard
Just bought the Wonderland CD from Amazon because of "Last Kiss". Love it! Love it! Love it! Bree
Hi Todd, I am a huge fan! "Strings of Hope" is absolutely stunning! It reminded me of Howard Shore's work. I have listened to it at least twenty times. I keep hearing new things. I cannot wait until Spring when you put these songs for sale for us. Congrats on your 25th CD!!!!! That is a great accomplishment. Keep up the amazing work! Your fan in Baltimore, MD
Happy New Year Todd! Lovin' your music!
Ha, Didn't know you had Jewish blood in you? Yemenite song is fantastic!
Love the new songs Todd! You are a monster talent!
Great site Todd! I am so happy I found your magical music. Brotherhood of the Moon is my favorite so far. The new song you just put up sounds great! I am really looking forward to your new CD in 2010 and maybe a tour?? Consider it...you have many fans out here. Emily D. Age 27 New Carlisle
First time to site. Nice stuff my friend! I like the whole earthy vibe.
Sexy Song Serenade fer sure! ; )
Wow Todd, Moonlight Serenade is amazing! Can't wait for the whole CD. Becky
OMG, that new song is gorgeous! It gave me the chills! What a lucky lady...
Calm down girls, he needs to actually rest too sometimes!! LOL
Good question Emily! Waiting Todd...waiting....
Todd, when is your next cd out? Please let the fans know!! Happy Holidays to you and your family. Emily Peterson, New Jersey
Dude, guitar on Wonderland cd is amazinbg! I can't keep up with your playing on my guitar. Did u go to lessons or self taught?
Mr. Norcross, I so enjoy watching you teach my son at your school. You are an unparalleled communicator that never ceases to impress me with your humility and intelligence. The kids actually understand what you are saying and they hang on your every word. That is so rare a gift. Thank you for be a true role-model for our family! The world needs more of you!!
newbie fan here...nice stuff...nice voice...ciao!
Todd's CD's are here! I found them last night! http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ToddNorcross
Have my baby sexy man!!! ; )
I downloaded BTM and have it stored on my Ipod. I must say, it is really really good! I usually don't care for instrumentals but this one is exceptional. I hope you do more like this in the future? Thanks for the CD Mr. N.!
Congrats! Awesome job!
Congratulations on selling songs to a movie company! I always knew you would be discovered!
Hey Todd, Kudos on all your CD's!
Suicide of a Geisha is absolutely brilliant! I am a violinist and I practice to that song often. It takes me to a place I have never been before musically. I am so impressed with your talents Mr. Norcross. Please keep blessing us with your innovations in sound and composition. Sincerely, Ashley Monroe San Francisco, CA
Hey there, great CD Master Ryotoshi!
Mr. Norcross: Do you hire people to play instruments or do you do it all yourself? It sounds like many people playing together? I am a musician who is interested in your techniques. You have great stuff that sounds really good. Please WB
Congratulation Todd! It is a wonderful Cd. Can't wait for the next Norcross project!
Realling digging Taiken 2 Todd. Amazing work once again. Hopefully see you soon at an event.
Hi Todd, What inspired the lyrics to "Victoria"? I think they are amazing! Victoria Lyrics: I am your friend I am your mind I like to tell it like it is To save that scared girl inside You’ve lost too much weight You have spiraled down You’re a slave to addiction When there’s no one around And you drown in your drink Wearing black over pink Victoria You get all the boys Who treat you like dirt Afraid of the good ones Cuz you can’t see your worth And the pain is all gone When they take you home And they love you Boy, they love you ‘Til they cum and go And you want so much To hug your Dad And the father that you never had Oh, Victoria Wake up, Victoria
I got my CD today. I have it playing in my car. It is really great! Thank you Mr. Norcross!
Taiken 2 rises with the new morning and brings with it symphonic and complex remarkable sounds that rise and fall with waves crescendos. This return to Taiken glory for Todd, is also a relearning for his fans as they grapple with the frantically controlled and searing spirit mission that is Taiken 2. While I was engulfed at times with melodic and sensitive promises, my chest filled with the intricacies of burning air that pushed and cajoled my soul with each step and a cleared the clouds in my head. With I heard were delicate and splashy conversations in each song that made want to train to the music now - and in doing so would awaken the dormant day songs of my heart.
Taken 2 is an Excellent CD Mr. Norcross!
I got your CD in the mail today. I have been listening to it. It is really great so far. I like tracks 4, 13 and 22 the best. Keep up the great work!!
For those who do not want to wait, I just ordered mine from their school in Ohio.
I bought three copies of it!
Taiken 2 fucking rocks dude! Blows away the first!
I agree. I love that guitar solo on track 22!
Taiko Rock sounds exactly like Pink Floyd. Nice David Gilmore lead guitar solo at the end! Awesome track!
Taiken 2....fucking awesome dude! I am stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Norcross, This is a beautiful site. Watching you teach martial arts I am consistently amazed at how much of an effective communicator you are. I have never seen someone address an audience with such wit, intelligence and vigor. I am honored to know you.
I am really pumped about Taiken 2 Todd! Awesome!!
I am really looking forward to Taiken 2!
Todd, Just heard Taiken 2 is coming soon. That is the best news I have had all week! Can;t wait for the master to let us hear his new stuff! UR awesome!
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Todd, You are really cool!! I cannot believe you write, sing, play and produce everything! I just started recording and bought a Tascam sixteen track. I have four songs in mind. I hope they are as good as yours one day. Thanks for the inspiration. Nicholas Smith
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Todd, thank you for Finding Happiness. The words you said really hit home for me, since I have had a difficult divorce in 2006. Your teaching gave me new direction and purpose for my life. I just ordered your other classes too. With my best regards and appreciation, Roger Maloney - North Andover, Ma.
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Great site Todd! Jack
Todd, I am in a band in Jackson, FL. Will you join us? Our lead singer/guitarist is a real ass! You are always welcome in Jackson to join us and rock!
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Todd, your music is truly amazing. I am just learning to sing and play guitar. I hope one day to be as good as you are. Rich Johnson, Ithaca, NY
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Mr. Norcross, I bought your meditation CD's. I have three so far. I am enjoying them immensely. Thank you for the teachings! Blessings, Piran Asani
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Hey, Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice site!
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Todd, Thank you for the self help teachings. They have been helpful in guiding me to happiness. Keep up the great work!!
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Thank you for the meditation CD Mr. Norcross. You are awesome!!!
Interesting coomunity! Thanks. http://google.com rulezzz
Hello todd ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland. Rajkot
Todd, thank you very much for waking me up on what I need to change in my life. Your CD really hit home. Blessings to you and your family! Erica Evans Stone -New York, NY
Enjoying the new meditations Todd. Keep up the great work.
Great new CD Todd
Finding Happiness is one of your finest works Todd. Keep up the great work! Shawn Dalton - London, UK
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I loved the new CD Todd. When will the next in the series be coming out? David
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I wholeheartedly recommend this CD to any seeker of what universal truth might just be? This collection of insights is simply a wonderful hour of thought-provoking wisdom.
Todd, I received your CD on happiness Thursday in the mail. I have listened to it about four times now. I think it is amazing!! It has literally changed my life. I am now more aware because of you. Thank you so very much! Christine Sullivan - Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Happiness recording is stellar! Totally awesome! I agree with all of it!
The new English Mind CD I find very helpful in my outlook and explorations. Thank you for sharing your wisdoms with the world!
Hi Todd, I love you and I miss you !
Todd, your new disk is truly amazing!!! I listen to it constantly. A true fan...kris
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Dear Mr. Norcross, I am a fan of your music for a long time. Thank you so much for your songs in the world. I use Itunes to get your music. Blessings! Juka Patel-India
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I am set to order your new CD. I can't wait! I need some happiness!!! ; )
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TOdd, your guitar playing is simply amazing! Fucking awesome dude!
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Loved BTM and TN. Both stellar projects IMHO. Jason
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Hello, this is a cool site! I just downloaded "Todd Norcross" from Itunes. I am lovin it!! Sarah White-Fort Myers
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Dear Todd, First time to your web site! Strings of Steel is one of my favorite CDS that I own. I love the rawness of it!! I can't wait for the next one you said will be out this Fall?? Thank you! Kelsie, Grand Rapids
stunning talent my friend!
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I like your music bud! I have been playing for a long time and you are way better then me! Damn, you are good for a southpaw!
Todd, I am a huge fan of your stuff! I absolutely adore your lyrics and voice. I can picture you at the Golden Globe awards with just a guitar under a spotlight. You are an amazing man! Your fan, Allie
A great resource - many thanks!
A great resource for your backlog - many thanks!
rjyejckluxnpuyccwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how's life? hope it's introduce branch ;)
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Coll web site dude! Kick ass guitar player!
Hey, I just bought BTM. I loved what I heard online. Cool!
Thanks! Wow!! Good music Todd!
wzzrueoaoemjyjwkwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how's life? hope it's introduce branch ;)
Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.
Very nice site. I enjoy your singing the most. Beautiful compositions! Keep up the great work.
Todd, you are a God of music blessing us here on Earth! Your voice is simply dreamy...marry me!! ; )
well, hi nice site indeed. how's life? hope new cd out soon ;)
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Your music is beautiful Todd. I am looking forward to your next disc in '09.
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Todd, Your music is quite breathtaking. I am so happy I found your web site. I adore your sexy voice. I am your new biggest fan for sure! Shelley Moran -Age 26, Kansas City
Hi, I want to buy the meditation CD. My Mom meditates and I am interested in learning more. Thank you! Madison-Connecticut
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Hello Todd, You are a great musician and singer!
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Any news on what date the meditation CD will be out? Before Christmas?
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Todd, you have a fantastic site here. I am very impressed. Alan Jackson
I am new to your music. I am big fan now! India
bro Great tunes dude!
Just wanted to say how great your music and talent is, which i've only just recently discovered. I would kill to see you play live somewhere. Please consider it...you have many fans out here. Love, Jenna
Good stuff Todd!
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What's up Todd? I think you are very awesome. I am playing guitar to your songs and appreciate your style and finger picking. I can't imagine how you can play and sing all at once? It is too hard for me. I am gonna go back and play some more now..
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Todd, you are an amazing person! What a gift to the world!
Oh, that sounds cool! You have a very soothing, hypnotic voice. I will be in line for that one fer sure. Rebecca
Can't wait for the self help CD Ryotoshi!
You great singer that brings me and family much joy from Russia. Thank you so much for joy. Katia
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Hi Todd, I saw Fleetwood Mac six times over the past fifteen years. Your music sounds like theirs and it is really well done. How do you get that sound when you do all the vocals? I.E. Stevie Nicks sounding vocals? Brooke Dunne, Chicago, IL
Beautiful music with a touch of class.
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Todd, I am new to your music, but so far I am very impressed. You are so very talented. Keep up the great songwriting. The world needs artists like you around. Your friend and fan, Helen Mayer Ontario, Canada
I can't believe you saw him so close! I am jealous!! You totally rock!
Cool Lindsey photos Todd! I wish I got to see him that close!
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thanks :) youre article is awesome!
Awesome guitar playing Todd! Great voice too! Why are you not famous yet!????
Hi webmaster. Nice Work! :-) lol
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Todd, Where do I get downloads? Itunes is too expensive for me? Thanks!
Nice music!!!
I love music and yours is best, from Germany fan.
"Storms" is my favorite song of all time. It gives me goosebumps every single time I hear it! Brilliant work!!!!
Cool videos Todd!! Awesome pickin'!
Hi Todd, I am a big fan of your music since about 1995. You get better and better with age. Keep rockin'!!!!
I think you are best singer!
I just bought Lindsey Buckingham's new CD "Gift of Screws". I am on my third listen. I know you learned to play from him and I can hear it totally! I have his and your CD's spinning and it sounds like you two could be in the same band. I love it!
Hi, your web site is simply enchanting. Beautiful artwork and pictures. I am sending away for your new instrumental CD. Can't wait to hear it. Charlotte
When R U coming out with new stuff?
Todd, I loved "Todd Norcross" and "Brotherhood Of The Moon". I am listening to the latter as I write this. You are so talented in so many ways. I can't wait until your next CD comes out next year. I am your biggest fan. Melissa Robbins, New York City
Awesome chops dude!
I don't have a cruch on you but your a heck of a guy and musician! LOL
I have a wicked crush on you!!!!!
Cool site Todd! Excellent songs!
Todd Norcross is the best talent around, hands down! No fake shit and he plays all the instruments and writes all his stuff. Not many can say that. Sean Dawson - Aspiring guitarist/singer from Chicago, Illinois
Totally awesome singing Todd!! I am diggin' it!
Very nice music. I am inspired!!
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Todd, remember me!?? We went to school together? Anyway, you are so impressive with all you have accomplished in such a short time. You get better looking with age too!!! I am so proud to say "I knew him when..." Best of luck to you! Kim
You are the best martial arts teacher ever!
Hey Mr. N. First time to yer site. I am impressed with how much of a cool life you lead. Awesome music and guitar playing... Jason Smith from Nashville TN
Todd, The videos that are up are great! Thank you for sharing with the world your talents and artistic expression. I ordered BTM on Sunday. I can't wait to hear it on my Bose system!
Hi all, good stuff and cool videos! Jason
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Sounds like The Eagles! Nice!
Can't wait for the new material! I admire your talent with a guitar.
Todd, It will be great to hear your views in your CD on happiness. God knows, we could all use some? Evelyn Maynard
beautiful musica!
Todd....I am a MAD fan of your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love from the West Coast, Serena Gomez
Cool songs and vids
Hi Todd, I can't wait for the new CD's. You are the hardest working guy I know!!
Hello, I am a big fan. When is your next CD coming out? Will it be with singing this time...hopefully??
Nice video of you playing. It is great to see such passion nowadays
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U R a really skilled guitarist Mr. N.
Awesome vids dude
Todd, It's so great to see you play! Fantastic!!!!!!
Mr. N, The song "California" is just plain amazing! I heard it on MySpace and downloaded it for my laptop Thank you!!
Todd, you are a really great guitar player. I just wish you sang on the songs too? That would have been perfect... Erica
I love the Dalai Lama. He is a true humanitarian. That is a very cool clip of him. Thank you for posting it!
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Superb musicianship Mr. N. I am a bass guitar player and am very impressed with your sounds and chops. Just great!
Nice site, sexy videos.
Todd, You are freaking awesome on your guitar. Are you self taught? I want to play like that some day. Maybe?
Y R Hot! Fantasy tonight with you and me???
FInally I get to see you play!!!! Absolutely breathtaking Todd.
Wow! You rock on guitar dude!
Todd, Great music you are making. What a wonderful talent you are!
Mr. Norcross, Excellent guitar playing and chops. Clearly you must have been influenced by 70's and 80's rock bands? Did you take lessons or play on your own. I want my son to start playing guitar.
Nice site!
Dear Ryotoshi Sensei, Thank you for your teaching in class on Role-Models. As always, it was brilliantly put and made sense. You are certainly one of mine!
Hey Mr. Norcross! I bought your "Todd Norcross" CD from an online venue and it is really good! Great lyrics. I particularly liked Jolene and California. Keep Rockin' Marc Neise from Tampa
Love this site! ; )
Hi Mr. Norcross; Nice poetry!
Big fan to your music...
Happy Fathers Day to you!
Capitation's our deal for this year:
You are the unseen gem of To-Shin Do and a humble teacher of teachers.
Lord of the Todd's!!!!!!
LOVE the Gandalf picture! Very cool!
Nice Site! Very talented person!
I love your music Todd. It inpires me and so many around me. I am a head Nurse at a major hospital in Atlanta and play "Brotherhood Of The Moon" for many of my patients. I cannot explain how I think your beautiful music has helped them in recovery. You are God's blessing! Thank you!!
Nice Site! http://google.com
I <3 you and your music, sexy man!!!
I <3 your music sooooo much!! You are a sexy guitar God in my book!!!
Hope you had a great holiday!!
Todd, I found your recent songs on Itunes and downloaded all your stuff there. It is truly amazing! Thank you! Vera Nguyen in Palm Springs
I have Wonderland and I think the quality of Wonderland is awesome! I love the song "Beautiful Day" so much! Thanks for the names of his other older ones Chris!
His older CD's have some real gems on them. The quality is not as good, but the material makes up for it. Check out "Wonderland" and "Strings of Steel" or "Drawing Steel"
- My Love is Norcross' best song ever! I have it on my Ipods and Iphone
Hi Todd! Great site and I love your lyrics so much!
All his guitar parts are done in one take too! He should be teaching Brittney and Mariah a few things on talent. They need three engineers to cover their mistakes in recording IMO>
I saw an interview with him and he doesn't play the harp. He plays it on a keyboard. Still is amazing though!!
I didn't know you played the Harp too!?? It sounds awesome!
Your music is very good. You should be on American Idol!!
I have a girlfriend named Joline (spelled differently) and I swear you must have met her. It sounds exactly like her!! Very cool!
Hi Todd!
Hi webmaster!
hello nice site!
I got your other CD's today!!!! I am loving Todd Norcross to death! "So In Love" with my new favorite artist...Rebecca
I just sent away through CD baby for two CD's. I downloaded from ITunes but I want all of the album. R U planning on putting more songs up there? I only have five songs now. I can't wait to hear the others!!!
Very mysterious music Mr. N. Hypnotically breath-taking. You are very connected with the cosmos.
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Todd, I am a huge fan of your music now. Great job on all your CD's. Thank you so much for giving the world a glimpse of your talents.
I like your web site - cool music and publishing of songs
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Mr. Norcross, What inspired you to cover the song "Snow" by Loreena Mckennit? It is so well done! She is one of my favorite Celtic singers of all time. Jennifer Newell Fresno, CA
Awesome site and music dude
Todd, Brotherhood of the moon is a great CD! The three that strike me most are "Storms", "Dragons" and "Watership Dawn". I love the beat to that one!
Happy Birthday Todd!
You don't look your age at all! You are such a cutie! ; )
Happy Birthday to the most under-rated musician of all time!! You rock dude!!
Happy Birthday Todd! You are an unbelievably awesome person! : )
Happy Birthday Dear Sensei!!
Dear Todd, I am so happy I found you. I heard my friend's song "Victoria" that you wrote on My Space. It was so well written. I found your web site and hear you are! I am so excited that I ordered your CD that has that song on it. I cannot wait to hear the others! Yours, Erica Long - Kansas City
Thank you for being in my life Sensei Norcross. You are the best teacher ever!
AMAZING Todd!! I have your strings of steel at school and we listen to it daily. :) COme back to Vermont/Mass soon..your family misses you here!
Re: Brotherhood Of The Moon songs...I love this new CD so very much! You are so very special and an amazing musician and entertainer. Thank you for sharing your heart to others in the form of music. Katherine (Kate) Smith, Ontario
Mr. Norcross, You are the best martial arts teacher ever!
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Todd, I am a longtime fan. The new instrumental CD is totally awesome! I have been playing it non-stop for about a week now. I just wanted you to know you have fans in Washington State! ; )
...enjoying the huge snowstorm and your Brotherhood CD.
Wow! Thank you for answering Mr. Norcross. You are so cool! I will get one online. Keep up the fantastic music. Your fan, Sarah
Hi Sarah, Thank you for your question! Walmart and other "box store" giants do not solicit or distribute any CD's from independent band or musicians. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Freedom of musical or lyrical expression is never questioned or compromised if we sell our album's ourselves or at an online distributors such as CD Baby. Musicians can get their music out there in the world without any corporate scrutiny. Pretty cool! Thank goodness for the internet. Take care, Todd Norcross
Mr. Norcross, Can I get your CD at Walmart?
Cool new CD. I just bought it for me and one for my Mom
I love "Snow" and "Watership Dawn" so much. Awesome CD!
You can really FEEL the acoustics in the new Brotherhood of the Moon alblum. Truly a work of of the heart....
Great web site and music!
I just ordered your newest instrumental CD. I also have "Todd Norcross" and "Strings of Steel". I am so excited!
One day, when you face this beast alone, with your courage intact, your eyes kind,untroubled (even as no one sees them), out of your smile will bloom a flower.
You are so damn talented Todd!
My favorite so far is "New England" because I am from Maine. I really am enjoying youe music ang guitar playing.
Your music is amazing! My favorite is Landslide but I love them all.
Hi, Mr. Norcross. It was a great pleasure working with you on this project. I think my favorite is track no.7 :) Kathy, the flute(actually the oboe lol) player
I'm really enjoying the sounds of nature included in the music. Heart of the Poet is my favorite, but they're all very good!
Todd, I am a huge fan for many years! I have been playing your CD "Todd Norcross" for months. You speak to me in your music and I hear it. I need to get your new "Moon" CD when it is ready online. I live far from a city, but feel connected to you like a river to the ocean. Thank you for making music for us. Devoted, Noelia
Your new CD is unbelievably cool!
Awesome site dude!
Todd, When is the new CD coming out!!!??? I am dying here!!
Dear Todd, Your version of "Snow" is perfect! I was looking out my window at the snow here in Colorado and it has new meaning when listening to your music. Thank you for reminding me of God's beauty all around us. Meaghan Foster, Denver
I agree, that might be my favorite yet. Simply breath-taking in every way!
that dance of the druids sounds beautiful. beautiful flute playing
I didn't know her, but my condolences to Kelly's family and friends.
...sorry to hear about your friend.
BOTM is the best new song so far by far. Eric
The song Storms is so beautiful too! I have never heard a song of yours I didn't like. You are amazing. I wish you had a DVD out!?
Does he play the harp? It could be a keyboard. It does sound good no matter what?
My new fave is Dance Of The Druids. Sounds like LOTR, or some lost song from Middle Earth? Luv the harp and flutes in it!
...listening to "Strings of Steel" today while cleaning my house...simply awesome!
He has a girlfriend, unfortunately : (
Are you Single???? Please say "Yes!"
Hello Mr. Norcross, I found your page on line. You were such an inspiration to me when you taught us a few years back. Thanks for being a warrior and sage all at the same time. I will never forget you and I am going to college because of your teaching and martial arts. Ashan
Dance of the Druids is a beautiful song. I can't wait for it to come out on CD. I will be first in line to order it. I am a big fan since last year.
Landslide is killer dude@!
Even on the most stressed out days, I can come to your web site and your music soothes me back to normal. Thank you Mr. Norcross for your gifts to the world. You are truly inspirational.
OMG----Your version of Landslide is so beautiful! : )
Todd, I LOVE that song with the druids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It melts me!
The new Moon song is tight!
What does it mean in the end? It means that I am still in love with you Todd.
Todd, I miss the old days with your band "StressCow". You are a great guitarist and singer. I really love your cds. Let us know when you come for a visit. Kudos to you for always following your dreams and actually doing it!
I am a big fan of your music!!
Cool CD and niice guitar playing and melodies. Andy Maher (musician/the band)..turn it up!!
Todd, I am such a big fan! The song you wrote called "Victoria" makes me cry because my best friend is just like her. You have a way of seeing how life can be very hard, yet hopeful. Thank you Thank you!
Hot site and photos
Todd, I ordered and just recieved the new CD you made (Christmas Eve). It is absolutely incredible! The singing is so warm and reminiscent of my teenage years in southern Florida. This was my gift to myself..an admitted splurge. Anyway, you have a new fan here and I am lovin' your stuff in Miami.
I just got home from a X-Mas party where I drove 6 of my friends home. I popped in my CD of you and they all loved "California", "Jolene" and "Falling Into Place." I was so absolutely thrilled at how much they really enjoyed your music! I am still so proud of you and will keep allways loving you. Happy Holidays Todd!
Sensei Norcross, Your classes are so inspiring to me. You always say the perfect thing. I am so happy you are my teacher and mentor. Domo Arigato!
New fan to your music in Philadelphia. It sounds just like the Pet Sounds Beach Boys stuff. The harmonies on "Its Not The End" are amazing! I just ordered the CD...can't wait for the whole thing. Harris D.
I LOVE that new photo...gimme it Poster Sized!!!!!!
Mr. Norcross, I never knew you did so much music too?? You are SO talented in so many areas. Wow! I am so proud to know you.
'LONG WAY DOWN" is the best song.
Your music blows me away! Do you have any videos made? Where can I find them? I searched on Youtube already?
I've been a huge Zeppelin fan for years...just around the time that I fell in love with Fleetwood Mac. I think that I can help you out. "Brotherhood" sounds amazingly alot like Zeppelin's "Going To California." And that is awesome!!
Todd, Brotherhood is a great song. It sounds like a Led Zeppelin song I once heard. Awesome!!
Hahaha....ur bad!
Absolutely LOVE that new photo...totally hot! Wonder where that hot wax is going...LOL
Let's stick to the music peeps. Todd's influence and music is what it's all about. Peace...
Myspace doesn't hurt people you fundamentalist nut! People hurt people! Aren't you using the internet right now...once also thought of as "devils work" too? Does that mean the all the presidential candidates are evil and every possible entertainer and many christian leaders and evangelists (who have myspcae pages) are also working for the devil? Wake up... how closed minded and ignorant of reality you are. Leave musicians and everyone else be...keep your nose in your bible, try reading it without following every out-dated law and word in it and stop judging.
Is someone trying to tell you what to do again? Shame on them! I'm really enjoying the new photos and song. Keep up the great work!
Hi Todd, Just wanted to say that I love the new update on your web site here, but I noticed that you also have a "Myspace" web site also. I wonder if you watch the news and know what's happening in "MySpace?" Any responsible adults are boycotting "MySpace" because it really is a bad place for people to meet. Especially when teenage girls meet the love of their lives and end up commiting suicide or moving all the way to Palestine thinking they are truly in love. "MySpace.com" is the devils work and someone as good as you should reconsider! Thanks for listening.
I really liked Drive. It is perfect. I hope you don't mind me taking it for my site background. I will give you credits where due. Jason
Love the webpages!
My first time to your pages. Very nice!!
Very usefull and interesting. I thing you are the best!!! :) Good luck!
Todd, your new song is breathtaking...absolutely beautiful. I am psyched for the new disc! Melinda
The beautiful moon picture, the new red colors on your web site and the awesome new song! You have to know, you are the love of my life. I miss you so much!!
Todd, The new song kicks ass! I bow to your skills!
Awesome! I cannot wait to hear it!!!! XXOOXXOO Sweetums Norky is the bomb!
Hi sweetie. How are you?? :)
I heard three songs from Todd's upcoming guitar CD. He even did a remake of Stevie Nick's "Landslide" and it is fantastic!
Todd, "Here It Comes Again" is the perfect song for my life right now, but I will get through it... Your CD inspired me to quit and start my own business. I am very happy for the first time in my life. Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Mr. Norcross, I love your guitar work. What guitars and amplifiers do you use? I will email you my address. I would like a set-up like yours to copy your style.
Yeah, when a man feels that way about a woman, they should never let each other go. There is "true love" being expressed in that song!
"My Love" is one of my faves too! Especially the screaming at the end...gives me goosebumps! Why can't my boyfriend feel that passionate about me!???? LOL
The best song ever written and performed by T.N. is without a doubt "My Love." So much passion...it makes me cry.
Hi! I am finally able to get to your site to check it out, and it looks great! .Good luck!
Lookin g forward to the new site and disc.
No, please don't go!
I am burning up your new CD. Already looking forward to the other one in '08.
Nice site and music, happy halloween!
Todd, I purchased your CD last week and wanted to say I really liked it. The best songs are Jolene and Kissing In The Rain.
Sensei Norcross, it was great to finally shake your hand at the festival this past weekend. Your music is awesome and your demo was off the cuff! Looking forward to a "Taiken 2"? J.M
Mr. Norcross: May I use "California" for a video I am shooting. It is an awesome tune and would fit perfectly? Please let me know....
Ryotoshi Norcross was a teacher at my school in Dayton. He was my favorite instructor by far! I miss him a lot since he moved.
I'm so in love with "Highway Of Regret", but listening to "Deep Within The Night" and "Falling Into Place" over & over again, I just may be falling in love all over again. They are all so good!
Hello. I look site abouttravels and you music good!
Youe CD is VERY good. I really enjoyed it.
I totally agree. I know Mr. Norcross too and although he is young, he talks like an old sage or something. He conduct is exemplary of a true warrior and I am proud he teaches my son.
I totally agree. He is young but has the wisdom of an old sage from the East. He can kick butt too! LOLOL
Mr. Norcross is a teacher at my martial arts school. I can honestly say, he is the most enlightened person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a master guru and has helped me with his seemingly effortless wisdom. Thank you Ryotoshi sensei!
Mmm yeah, so beautiful!
The whistle is really nice. The guitar at the end sounds so beautiful. You can almost feel him playing it. Beautiful.
Yeah, "Deep Within The Night" is what I fall asleep to every night. It makes me wonder if my boyfriend is ever going to propose to me. I totally love the whistle at the end.
I agree...the voice is soothing and sexy on that one, almost as good as "Deep withing the Night". That one drives me totally insane!
"Highway Of Regret" is one of my favorites to, it's so good! Although, it gives me thoughts of my boyfriend whom I've never left.
"Highway Of Regret" is one of my favorites also, it's so good! Although, it gives me thoughts of my boyfriend whom I've never left.
The "Highway of Regret" song you wroye gave me goosebumps. I thought of my old boyfriend who I left last year. I love that song! thank you!
New fan here and lovin the music on new cd
No..the music is good, but the lyrics are too hard to swallow.
Dont ask y is good in harmonies and singing
Hope to meet you at The Dojo.
That new song is really good! It should have been included on your CD??
Damita rocks dude!!!
That is a wonderful story!
I forgot to mention that my staff and I manage 152 SENIOR apartments and to get them up and dancing means the world to me...thank-you Todd! I will allways love you.
My staff and I were listening to your interview today and we allways have music playing, but when they heard you they were in my office dancing, right down to our mail carrier... You make me so proud Todd!
Todd, I loved your interview. You are so down to Earth. I am a new fan!
I listened to your show Tuesday night and just bought your cd. You are very good and talented. My wife and kids enjoyed it too. You had the whole house buzzing.
After just listening to your interview, I'm listening to your CD for the hundredth time. Todd, it is SO good! I've shared with everyone I know. They love it as much as I do. I tell them...that's MY friend!
Todd...We''ve known eachother for a long time and you did come to California once that I know of. While I was listening to your interview, I was totally agreeing with you that alot of people come to California expecting their dreams to come true and some times they do and sometimes they don't. I moved to California when I was 4 years old and was raised here. So I didn't come to California all wide eyed. An average California who has lived here most of their lives don't look at L.A. or Hollywood like most people do. I do love California...but hate L.A. I absolutely love "California" ...and you where right on in your interview!
Your interview really connected with me. I made a CD of it today and am playing it right now! Thinking of you...fondly
OMG, you were everything I imagined you would be...Marry me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
I totally loved most of the interview you did on "artistfirst" The only part I had a hard time with was when you were describing California, I think you're totally wrong! Most people who come here end up rich. I don't know where you came up with your concept of California, but it's wrong. I still love the song, just don't think that your perception of California is correct!
Wonderful presentation on the web show. I always enjoy learning about the person and the meaning behind the music and lyrics.
It was a great interview! So humble and funny you were.
I Can't wait to hear your voice on the internet LIVE!!!!!
Todd, I'm SO looking forward to the interview!
I saw you on myspace and followed you here...I love you!
You are a total Guitar God on "Kissing In The Rain" and "Guitars."
Ur eyes are hot!!
What can I say? I knew you in the 90's when you had a band in the Boston area. I am a huge fan and just bought the new CD. Your voice is still great. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! XXOO Lauren in Braintree, MA
I liked "Falling Into Place" best. "Guitars" is awesome!
"Kissing in the Rain" is#1 followed by "Here It Comes Again" at #2 and "Those Were The Days" at #3 All around cool tunes!
You rock Todd!!!!
Loved California bigtime! Jolene is my sister, humble and trying..bless her.
The CD is great!!!! You have a gorgeous voice IMO!
First time writing as a fan. I have his Taiken and it is good. I really am enjoying the new CD. Guitar playing blows me away!
Thank you Todd so much for including "Highway Of Regret" on the new CD. I've missed it so much. I will come to you...
Yes he is, but this has nothing to do with hotness...(smiles)
Yeah, he is a hottie fer sure...sux I am in Texas : (
From tracks 1 thru 13...this truly is your best work Todd. It's so easy to hear that you put your whole heart and soul into every song. The whole CD is masterful and beautiful. Not only do the songs grab MY heart and soul...the flip side of the cover does in ways I could never describe!
Damita is my fave, followed by It's Not The End. ; )
Awesome beans!
This CD is REALLY GOOD! I have listened to it about four times now and it gets better each time!!
I ordered my copy too!!!
Hello my old friend! I can't believe I haven't signed your guestbook yet. Good luck with the new album!
Thank heaven...just bought mine!
I bought Sensei Norcross' new CD at his school so it must be coming out within days. It is excellent!
When will the CD be out!?? Is it done yet?
I'll be listening too. I don't know much about you yet, but I like your stuff. : )
Can't wait for the radio show!
"So In Love" with you...from Wonderland. Allways yummy!
Hey! Don't Walk When You Can Run is a really cool tune...sounds kinda like a Rob Thomas song
Love you!!
New fan to your music in Chicago. Great guitar playing.
"Things Like That" Simplicity at it's best. I love you so...
Todd. I so LOVE your new songs...but I wonder if anyone else has heard your older songs? Like..."Full Circle", the ending I have tried to match singing & then there is your version of "Big Love" by Lindsey. My son says that you sound better than him..can you believe it?
"Deep Within The Night"... what a F****** sexy song! If she won't marry you, I will!
Oh BTW, she says...yeah, yeah...yeah...yeah...yeah!...
I would absolutely love to hear "It Was Always You" and "Things Like That" renewed on this album, if not, on the next rock album! Totally awesome songs from the past that will live on forever!
Deep Within is such a sexy song. I got gossebumps!! "...will you wear my ring, will you be my wife?" Wow!!
You are freaking awesome Todd! Unbelievably talented at everything you touch. You suck..and I am very jealous! ; ) LOL
Miss you, Love you :)
...Waiting is so hard, but I'm a very patient person. It's SO worth it. Thank-you Todd for all the great music!
Hopefully, the CD will be available in mid to late August. Thank-You very much everyone for the support! Todd Norcross
Any exact date on the CD yet????
"Drive" is a very cool tune!
Nice site!!
I heard two new songs from the CD and they are really good!
Where will you be this winter? Hopefully, you will be in California!
I just wanted to write you and say I love the song California. This is my favorite so far. Lori J.
Is the CD done yet??? My days NEED your music!!!!!!!!!!!
Your voice is sexy and soothing. I am a big fan of your music and songwriting. Trish from Washington
You are the man Todd! Can't wait for the new CD next month.
Today is my mother's birthday who passed two years ago in September. She loved your music and if she hears you now, I know she's saying..."Oh my Todd!" She had a wonderful sense of humour.
Todd, Congratulations on your 3rd Black Belt promotion. I had the pleasure of learning from you at the Ninja festival in 2005 in Dayton. You are a very good intructor. Looking forward to the new CD. David
Great tunes man! I am blown away at your talent.
...Just before or after Dave Matthews. Perfect!
You believe in green Todd. You should be one of the 150 artists performing at the "Live Earth" concert today! Would have loved to have seen that. Happy "lucky" day! ; )
I loved California and Its not the end. Great songs! I am a big fan for 5 years now. Your songs are beautiful and make me feel so good. Thank you for bringing these to the world. Nikki Saunders, Chula Vista, CA
Kudos to you Mr. N. on your promotion. You are an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to the new CD in August.
Wow! 3rd degree is very rare. Congrats Ninja/Monk master!
LOVED "Califor-Nia"! Very sweet song, Todd! Super Congrats on your promotion, must've mis-heard you the other night, thought it was next week. Ciao 4 now!
Good for you Todd! 3rd Degree Black Belt? I'm very proud of you.
Congratulations on earning your 3rd Degree BlackBelt Sensei Norcross. You looked awesome this weekend!
"Drive" West young man, "Drive" West!
I believe from what I'm hearing is that the last verse of "California" is, "Every entertainer is DYING to get in to bed with California." Am I wrong?
"California is a very thoughtful song. My humble opinion is that if you are seriously an aspiring entertainer, you'll never know unless you try. Don't doubt yourself or even worse, give up! Besides, California has an abundance of opportunities, even if you don't become a celeb. Todd, your voice and guitar skills are truly some of the best that my ears have ever heard. I've allways felt this way! : *
Not to hit home again for you or to appear rude, but maybe actressing is not your thing.
I love "California". I am a struggling actress and it is so true, those lyrics about "every entertainer is trying to get into bed with California" They really hit home for me. Makes you really think.
Drive does sound like a lost Johnny Cash song. Great guitar playing!
"Drive" reminds me of a trip I took across the country and back earlier this year. Wish I'd had this song to listen to while on the road. Beautiful Todd!
Nice songs and cute picture. Good luck with your CD! Melanie B. Cleveland, OH
The chorus in "It's Not The End" does alot of things to me. Can't stop listening. Wonderful song!
You can "Drive" to my place ANYTIME please Todd! You are brilliant ; )
It's Not The End is a better song IMO. You can't beat the chorus on that one. I get goose bumps! It is by far my favourite!
My friend seems to think that you have hit with "California" and I have to agree with her. Rock on Todd...you're totally awesome!
To understand California, you have to live here. You'd love it!
We LOVE your songs, very insiring Todd!
Hey...Love California, I couuldn't have said it better!
I've lived all over this country. Trying to find where I belong. I finally found it in California. Where we truly have it all. The beautiful Pacific Ocean, the mountains, the desert, perfect weather, and yes, Hollywood. We are the state of the beautiful and the natural. Californians know how to have fun and don't care what other people think. People do dream about California. There's a reason why. Many, many dreams have been fulfilled here. It's the land of diversity and exceptance. Work hard, and your dreams will come true. California is expensive, because it's in demand. Wages are high, but geography and climate are free. Take a drive up P.C.H. and you will see. We are as deep as the ocean and we love everyone! That's California!
R U single Todd????
Very handsome Todd. Sweet cover...
...Oh god, that face. Oh god, that hand. Oh god, that mind. You are so grand!
LOVE the cover...those eyes!
Your like a new generation Brian Wilson. Genius and complex. WTG with California!
It's not the end" is my favorite song. My Dad and Mom are even singing it with me. Thank you Todd
...Todd, I so love "California" and California would love you! "It's Not The End"...how totally excited and lucky this girl must feel. You are on fire my friend!
Mr. Norcross: When is the CD available to buy online and where will it be sold?
"California" rocks IMO!
Mr. Norcross, great site! I am a big fan of your music since Taiken came out. I listen to your stuff all the time.
Todd, I love the new songs....WOW!
Nice music and site.
Hmm..And timing is everything!
...just in time for Summer in the sun!
It's coming...can you feel it?
aargh, where is your CD man! Dying here!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. My mom loves you so much!
Cool songs! Great music! I'm impressed!
It does sound like the Mamas and Papas! Kudos to your singing.
U Iz da man Todd!
Mr. Norcross, I am a young fan and really like your songs. I hope you don't mind me writing to you. I am from Texas. If you do a concert I hope you come to Austin City Limits. ThankYou.
Ho-un sensei, I think your music is beautiful. I am honored to be getting to know at least two shades of you. Domo-arigato.
I am your New #1 fan from England's North Country, Manchester. Please come to the UK for some shows. We would welcome you!
It's things like this that make me love you...I love you so.
I couldn't agree more!
I absolutetly LOVE your music! Why the hell aren't your touring the world hmm??
Totally beautiful harmonies and awesome percussion as well!
Todd, you are a G.G. for sure. So sweet is your voice. Great iano playing and of course my personal favorite are your mind blowing sexy guitars... Thank-you for being you and for your music!
Great site and great songs.
U R cute! I totally Luv U!!!
Nice site Mr. Norcross
kick ass lead in "Rain", rocks out!
The kissing in the rain song sounds kinda like Journey to me. I really like that one.
Awesome tunes dude. Nice Zen green site.
Wow! I totally love the new song you wrote. It gave me goosebumps! Watching for the CD... Seri in Los Angeles, California
I missed your birthday?! I hope you celebrated because I celebrate knowing you.
Hey Dude, cool music and site.
Happy birthday Mr. Norcross!
Happy Birthday Todd!!!! You are the God of guitar!!!
Yessss...I do!
Thoughts of you today...do I love you?
I love u Todd!!!!!!!!!!! Misty from Tampa
Heello in Japan. I love your music. You are great singer.
I listen to "Wonderland" all the time. You are my favorite singer...love u!
When will the new CD be ready!??? I am dying here! LOLOL
I think your new song is the best one yet. I have been a fan for years and this is the first time I have written in. I love your music and I think you are brilliant! Please never stop making music. I can't wait to order the new CD. Rachael, residing in Connecticuit
LOVE the new song "Kissing!" It's hot IMO!
Grasshopper, Do people know you are a Master Ninja???? Dudes, this guy can kill you a thousand different ways as well as kick ass at music! Don't mess with him. LOL
I love Victoria. Can I download it? Thx
Cool tunes man. Rockin' guitar stuff too. I liked the interview.
Hi Todd, What happened to "Highway of Regret?" Would it be too much to ask for you to put it back up on the music page? I listen to it all the time and really miss it. I hope it's on the new CD as well as other songs that I don't see that were here. Thanks...Me
Wow! Nice site and incredible songs, I am happy I found you. Dawn, Australia
Todd, you are ****ing awesome and I NEED your new CD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from London. Loved all your music and downloaded it. Hope you don't mind? Great site. Cheers!
Victoria is a great song. I know someone just like this person...myself. Thank-you Todd, it inspires me. Hailey, Dallas TX
R U Single!??? ; )
Cool site Mr. N. Awesome songs! I like your harmonies and arrangements. Can't wait for the CD.
Great site! Great music!
It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!
Keep it going, thanks. I found exactly the information.
The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.
Todd, This is totally AWESOME news!!! You are so freakin' hot!
Can't wait for the new CD in April!!
I agree. I am in my forties and your music brings me back to better days of the M's & P's and Dylan and CSN&Y. Good stuff! Mike G. Connecticut
Very interesting website. :) Good luck and keep up good work. Serj.
Fine site!
Hi Mr. Norcross. I really love your singing! Jolene is my favourite so far. Especially the ending. Cannot wait for the whole CD. Amanda-Anchorage
Fine site!
Fine site!
What's the name of your new CD? Should be something "Beach Boy" oriented. Although you also sound like the Mama's/Papa's/Beatles too. Beach Boys for sure! Are you from the West?
Yeah...when is the release date? You shouldn't keep us in limbo, give us an approximate date anyway! What the hell...even Lindsey gives a date!
Todd, I'm going on a road trip February 19th for a few weeks to help my friends move and I would really "LOVE" to have your CD by then to listen to on my travels. Any chance of that happening? Please email me. You know who I am. Thanks so much!....N.K. ; )
Fine site!
Fine site!
Nice site!
Cool site! I downloaded My Love and my girlfriend plays it non-stop. I will get her the whole CD when it comes out fer sure.
You are very talented! Keep up the good music,
I'm 27, from Florida and I want you bad Todd!! I love your stuff!! Chrissy ; )
Your songs are brilliant...I really enjoy your love songs the most. You 're so sincere and passionate. Just love ya..
Hey, any exact date on your CD dropping? I want to buy it. RJ. NY
I love your songs Mr. Norcross. They are very fun., Erica Weaton, Austin, TX - Age 22
My daughter needs to here this one Mr. Norcross...God bless you!
Wonderfully put, I couldn't agree more! Very good song!!!
Todd, regardless of what anyone says, you are allowed your opinions and your views, your songs are awesome and I will allways be your #1 fan...can't wait!
Good luck on your CD Todd, we all love your style here at WKRK. Looking forward to playing for our crowd.
Hey Todd, great tunes. Get yer album dun and owt man!! Peace bro, Robert
; ) OMG, Jolene is the best! You are hot!
I really like the songs on your web page. How can I download them?
Loved Damita!!!
Your harmonies are beautiful and take me to a nice place. Thanks for the site. Peace...
Cool web site! Cool songs Todd. Ordered Wonderland and I like it a lot.
Meistro! Your guitar playing is quite awesome! I hope I can play electric like that some day. Can't wait for the CD. Be cool!
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"Awesome new songs! Can't wait for the new CD!!
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What's up dude...I love the site. Hope all is well.!!! New song sounds great!!!
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Your songs are incredible! Looking forward to the full CD...
...very talented! Keep up the good work.
Hope you are doing well!
I love you Toddles ;)
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Such an amazing collection of music from an amazing talent. Keep up the good work!!!