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Todd Norcross: Home

2/10/2017 - A New Learning 2-Disc DVD by Todd Norcross (The Warrior's Mind - Eight Ancient Keys to Happiness) will be released in March of 2017. Watch here for news and updates.

February, 2017 - "The Essential Todd Norcross" reviews from around the world keep coming in. 4 and 5 stars reviews from critics and listeners! Order or download it here. This is Todd's 32nd album.

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Fan Made Video of "My Love".

My Love is my favorite song. I love it! - Alyssa D. - Miami, FL

Ferenzix411 write "Master Norcross, your videos inspire me. Thanks for teaching us the ways of the ninja and the ways of music. Much respect. "

From: John Lang

"Respect to you Master Ryotoshi. Your You Tube Budo videos are the best out there. Domo!"

Various Reviews of "The Essential Todd Norcross":

Bujinkan Ninjutsu 15th Dan "Dai Shihan" Arnaud Cousergue writes:

"Excellent music! I hope to include some of these tracks into my next martial arts DVDs (once I get permission).

The many Japanese instruments including taiko, shamisen, koto harp, classical guitar, and others, can be used as a nice "asian backgroung" music for my next videos.

Thank you Todd for such a professional work."


"Awesome album from start to finish!"

- Remowllmsdrummer

"This is a really special collection - chosen by Todd's growing fan base. Both it's pacing and it's content really flowed well." - J. D. Nelson

"Todd's abilities on a plethora of instruments is an amazing talent." - Genxartists

"Awesome CD from beginning to end." Arjay Kumar

"I was mesmerized from beginning to end. I highly recommend this gem." - Alan White CD Reviewer

"Beautiful compositions from an accomplished musician."

"Hard to pick a favorite color of of this canvas." - S. Kumar

"The Essential Todd Norcross is a superb album" - Artist Review May 2016

"A nice mix of moody instrumentals to fade away with." - Rhonda Moore

"You won't find any studio tricks on this compilation from Norcross. He plays from the heart." - Trent H.

"Excellent and Eclectic" - Indie Album Reviews

"Norcross carries melodies and sonic themes like he carries a samurai sword." - R.J Thomas

"A great CD..." - Rhythm Nation

"...another accomplished body of finger-picking work for Norcross." - Allison Taylor Review

"I have been a Todd Norcross fan since 2003's Taiken. I think this is his finest work to date." - Prabhat Singh

"If you pick up any of his albums, this is the one." - Brittney K.

"The Essential Todd Norcross is, simply put, essential..." - Garden State Album Reviews

"I loved it!" Denise Garner - New York


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2016 - Musician/Producer Todd Norcross receives 10k plus sales award for the fourth in the Martial Art Music series (Taiken 4).



2016 - New Videos featuring music by Todd Norcross

The full 1996 Demo Album "Welcome to My World: was uploaded on You Tube.

New Love Song Uploaded - featuring Todd Norcross singing:

"Sounds just like Adam Levine's voice?" - Sheri

"Stunning!" - Aryasrk466

"I think Goodbye is so beautifully sung. Please add it to digital streaming?" - Anya

"I love your rich voice Todd. What chords are you playing? They sound unusual." - Telecassie89

"How can we get a concert set up for Todd to perform live>???? Best IMO" - Sigmund


Make sure you order or download your copy of the best selling (10,000 plus copies wordlwide) Taiken 4 album here:

Todd Norcross received the 25k plus award on April 17, 2015 for his Taiken 1-4 music series.


Todd Norcross: Lineage and Lore