December 2017 - New Songs Uploaded

 Becca comments:  "OMG.  Such a great voice!! 

Stephan asks: "When will new album be out - 2018?"

Alyssa writes: "Your version of GDay is better than Chris Isaak IMO."


New cover song by Todd Norcross

December 2017 - You can now download the full album "Drawing Steel".  This album was originally released twenty years ago.  It made a name for Todd Norcross, as three of the demos (composed on just one piano and one keyboard) were noticed by producers, who adapted and used some of Todd's compositions as background scores in their Film and TV projects.  To this day, it remain one of the favorites of Gamers, Movie Soundtrack fans and Orchestral Soundtrack Composers.

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I LOVE this song! Ellie You have such a beautiful voice Todd. Keep em coming. Jennifer Greaves - California Hey! SOunds just like the Brothers Gibb. Great job! Simon - Portland How did you manage these harmonies? Fantastic! Orlandostreek88 Nice! Niggpwr69 I love your voice. Go on The Voice show, please. Reahlsmoooth Michelle D. Asheville Great voice! Added: Mar 1 2017 9:30am Gtrboy3312LA I always love this song - LOTB. You did an amazing job on this. Emmie99er Amazing, beautiful songs. Leanne OMG Your voice is so sexy Added: Mar 1 2017 12:37pm Brittney LOVE the new song Todd!!! 3/25/2017 - A New Learning 2-Disc DVD by Todd Norcross (The Warrior's Mind - Eight Ancient Keys to Happiness) will be released. or on Ebay Great job, Sensei Norcross. Can't wait to pick this up. Amazon?? Amy February 27, 2017 Fantastic news! Congratulations. When will DVD be available for purchase? Nilesh February 27, 2017 I love your teachings. The Buddha and God are both in you Sensei Norcross. Robert H. February 27, 2017 Master Norcross, Where will the new DVD be for sale?? BJ February 27, 2017 Wow! Can't wait for the DVD, Ryotoshi! March 31, 2017 - New DVD Released! "The Throws of Budo" - go to to order. Fan Made Video of "My Love". My Love is my favorite song. I love it! - Alyssa D. - Miami, FL Ferenzix411 write "Master Norcross, your videos inspire me. Thanks for teaching us the ways of the ninja and the ways of music. Much respect. " From: John Lang "Respect to you Master Ryotoshi. Your You Tube Budo videos are the best out there. Domo!" Various Reviews of "The Essential Todd Norcross": Bujinkan Ninjutsu 15th Dan "Dai Shihan" Arnaud Cousergue writes: "Excellent music! I hope to include some of these tracks into my next martial arts DVDs (once I get permission). The many Japanese instruments including taiko, shamisen, koto harp, classical guitar, and others, can be used as a nice "asian backgroung" music for my next videos. Thank you Todd for such a professional work." - AJC "Awesome album from start to finish!" - Remowllmsdrummer "This is a really special collection - chosen by Todd's growing fan base. Both it's pacing and it's content really flowed well." - J. D. Nelson "Todd's abilities on a plethora of instruments is an amazing talent." - Genxartists "Awesome CD from beginning to end." Arjay Kumar "I was mesmerized from beginning to end. I highly recommend this gem." - Alan White CD Reviewer "Beautiful compositions from an accomplished musician." "Hard to pick a favorite color of of this canvas." - S. Kumar "The Essential Todd Norcross is a superb album" - Artist Review May 2016 "A nice mix of moody instrumentals to fade away with." - Rhonda Moore "You won't find any studio tricks on this compilation from Norcross. He plays from the heart." - Trent H. "Excellent and Eclectic" - Indie Album Reviews "Norcross carries melodies and sonic themes like he carries a samurai sword." - R.J Thomas "A great CD..." - Rhythm Nation "...another accomplished body of finger-picking work for Norcross." - Allison Taylor Review "I have been a Todd Norcross fan since 2003's Taiken. I think this is his finest work to date." - Prabhat Singh "If you pick up any of his albums, this is the one." - Brittney K. "The Essential Todd Norcross is, simply put, essential..." - Garden State Album Reviews "I loved it!" Denise Garner - New York __________________________________________________________________________________ Norcross Todd CD Cover_resized 2016 - Musician/Producer Todd Norcross receives 10k plus sales award for the fourth in the Martial Art Music series (Taiken 4). _______________________________________________________________ Music_Albums_by_Todd_Norcross_Smaller.jpg_resized 2016 - New Videos featuring music by Todd Norcross The full 1996 Demo Album "Welcome to My World: was uploaded on You Tube. New Love Song Uploaded - featuring Todd Norcross singing: "Sounds just like Adam Levine's voice?" - Sheri "Stunning!" - Aryasrk466 "I think Goodbye is so beautifully sung. Please add it to digital streaming?" - Anya "I love your rich voice Todd. What chords are you playing? They sound unusual." - Telecassie89 "How can we get a concert set up for Todd to perform live>???? Best IMO" - Sigmund

Make sure you order or download your copy of the best selling (10,000 plus copies wordlwide) Taiken 4 album here: Todd Norcross received the 25k plus award on April 17, 2015 for his Taiken 1-4 music series. _

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