Coming Home/In support of our troops!

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Music, writings and art of TN
Written and performed by Todd Norcross


Week after week I watched silently as the names scrolled down. After seeing "In Memoriam" on Sunday morning's "This Week" TV show, I grew very tired of reading fallen soldiers names coming in from Iraq and Afghanistan. Some weeks there were only four, some weeks there were ten. All ages, from all States, both male and female, all ranks. These names seemed to be falling silent, even after they paid the highest possible price for our country. I didn't know what I could do to support these heroes from so far away with so few talents. All I could do is go into my home studio and compose this song in honor of the men and women who serve and protect us. While writing, I imagined them "coming home" from overseas with a full honors military funeral. Or, for the lucky ones who survived their tour, coming home to a celebratory parade with supporters, friends, and family. Please honor these people by sending this song to all those who ever served our country. We must never forget. Todd Norcross - October 10, 2010