How Deep Is Your Love-Cover

The Bee Gees/Todd Norcross
Written by Barry,Maurice and Robin Gibb


After hearing of Robin Gibb being on his deathbed, I decided to cover one of my favorite Bee Gees songs. I originally heard this song as a child in 1977 on the shores of Cape Cod. It brought back many great memories at the beach with family and friends. The Bee Gees were always on the boombox in the sand back then. The song was immensely popular, winning a Grammy award in 1978. It earned #20 on Billboards All Time top 100 of all time. It remains voted the top Bee Gees song by many people throughout countries of the world, including Barry Gibb himself. The recording: I left Barry Gibb's voice as the main vocal. I could not possibly do better than him. The background vocals are done by myself overdubbing different harmonies to try and emulate the Brother's Gibb. I played bass and some drums and left the main keyboard intact from the original. While an impossible task, I felt good with the result. It was my ode to Robin, whose voice and good deeds will be remembered forever. Todd Norcross April, 2012