Todd Norcross
Todd Norcross


Story of a sad girl, hiding her true self in addictions. Perhaps she is this way because of no father figure?


Victoria:  Lyrics and Music by Todd Norcross

Performed by Todd Norcross


I am your friend I am your mind

I like to tell it like it is To save that sad girl inside.

You've lost too much weight You have spiraled down

You're a slave to addiction When there's no one around

And you drown in your drink Wearing black over pink, Victoria, Victoria.

You get all the boys Who treat you like dirt

Afraid of the good ones Cuz you can't see your worth.

And the pain is all gone When they take you home

And they love you, boy they love you 'Til they cum and go.

And you want so much to hug your Dad and the father that you never had

Oh, Victoria Victoria

Wake Up