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New Paintings and Music continues for 2019

The painting series (Based of of The Joy of Painting) by Bob Ross that features Todd Norcross is growing in popularity.  Todd's soothing voice and brush talent is garnering the attention of families who want family friendly You Tube material to watch with their kids.

Todd is also recording in his studio.  He has recorded several "cover" songs in the past few months, releasing them one at a time. 


Make sure you subscribe to Todd's Painting/Music channel on You Tube:

Drawing Steel Album Now Available again!

Now you can download Todd's Orchestral Composition debut CD "Drawing Steel" - Celebrating its re-release from 20 years ago!


Album 32 is here!

10k Plus in Sales/Downloads

Todd Norcross received the 10k plus award for his album "Taiken 4". Of the series, this is the fastest selling album to date.

Taiken 4 Record!

Great News! As of October 12, 2015 - The Japanese Rhythm instrumental album "Taiken 4" has just surpassed 10,000 downloaded/sold mark, worldwide. This album is now the best selling (since 2015 release date) in the "Taiken" series 1-4.

134 Videos from CDBaby for Todd Norcross Fans

October 27, 2015 - 134 new Music Videos have been uploaded by for Todd Norcross music:

Todd Norcross wins Award!

25k plus sold award to Todd Ryotoshi Norcross for his acclaimed Taiken album series I-IV. Taiken Todd Norcross_resized

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