Todd Norcross
Written and Performed by Todd Norcross


Damita-written and performed by Todd Norcross Skin, Tiahuana trade His daughter sold it On the love that we made Meh yamo trouble I’m a wanted man Chased to the border Now driving on the lam Three, maybe five miles back She finally told me Came clean with her past Stolen, was his Cadillac His one and only daughter Both go very fast Cayay Damita Come on baby You never said Your daddy was the head Now we’re driving for our lives From the head of the Mexican mafia Meh yamo trouble Zura moto Estoy hasta la Madre I can’t take it no more What have I done? Our choices are none Can we make it to the Texas Border? Guns are blazing’, we’re hell rising Running from your father The head of the mafia Damita Meh yamo trouble Oh Damita My Damita