My Love

Todd Norcross
Written and Performed by Todd Norcross


My Love-Written and Performed by Todd Norcross Odds are against us They all want me to bail Any they lie in the rumors Wondering why we haven’t failed They’d prefer if I were single Back in the dating game Usurpers and naysayers They all should be ashamed So high and mighty But they’ll never understand You are my world My sacred everything You love me as I am Contrary to what the world Would love to see I’d do anything for you I’d lie and, anything for you I’d steal and, anything for you my love Look at her record She has quite a rocky past I said but this time is different Together we will last Won’t you people take a rest? And leave us alone She’s the best thing that my heart Has seen or ever know Spot on predictable They still don’t understand You are my life And most importantly You love me as I am Contrary to what The jealous ones believe (Repeat Chorus) How can I give up? The lady of my heart I’d give you all my love Protect you in the dark Oh, you are my lover My consort and friend I will not give up so easily I’ll fight them ‘til the end my love Oh, my love Hold on my love Never let go my love There’s just got to be a way my love No, hold on my love Never let me go Hold onto me my love